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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. In my mind @Slice of Life was basically in one of those rom-com dress montages for the whole Rate (probs AOA's sexy job role store):
  2. He


    Agh, what an amazing rate! I'm sad I missed this. But I just procrastinated for hours reading it.

    Well done, @Squashua!
  3. Yeah this was probably the best rate that I've participated. I actually started making my ''best 13 singles + best 3 album tracks'' list from January for the 2017 edition of this rate and I update it every month.

    I also have plan for reading all of the 48 pages again, n n n.
  4. So many songs I slated that I really like now...
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  5. Oh it's great to see that Secret finally clicked with you.
  6. He


  7. I was actually mentioning his 2/10 for Cosmic Girls song but yas!! Why did I forget the best shampoo ad of all time?
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  8. He


    Ha, yeah, I thought you meant that, but I can't let go of this joke, haha.
  9. Oh no I still don't like that. I meant Crying and Sting.
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