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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. My average score for the 2nd Mini-album is 10.0 and "I Love You" was my 11 before I changed it last minute so a fantastic top 3 all around.
  2. The only thing that could make up for Hate You being in the top three is if I Love You wins.

    Though I do kind of appreciate that the top three is the hate - love - self love trilogy.
  3. And usually self love wins in this kind of trilogy (hopefully)
  4. Wouldn't it be amazing to have a Love/Hate final 2. I Am the Best is good and all but sort of overrated now.
  5. When you feel like there's no way out...

    Love is the only way.


    I Love You

    Average: 8.98

    just kidding!



    Hate You

    Average: 8.98

    Highest: 11 (@Charles Vingt-†rois) 10x9 (Deja-Boo, @Aries, @Jawshxx, @ThisIsRogue, @Big Bang, @Slice of Life, @RUNAWAY, @TheChoirgirlHotel, @beyoncésweave)

    Of Course: 3 (@roux)

    Wow at this outlasting several other 11s and iconic tracks and landing straight at #3. I was shocked at first, but it makes sense. It'a a deceptively simple bop about laying into an unappreciative boyfriend with whom you've lost all patience and decided to ditch. I've seen a lack of aggressiveness in the delivery used as a criticism, but I think that works to its advantage. After all, the song that has the line "I'm fine living without you" requires a bit of nonchalant coldness to convey that "over it" feeling, which is why I think the original title ("Fuck You") works a bit better, as "Hate" implies some sort of residual attachment. Either way, this is brilliant and good job to everybody who got it here!

    Let’s see, who shall start us off? How about RUNAWAY, since this is his last bit of commentary for the rate, “Hate You is and always will be a 10. This has been my second favorite from this mini since the song premiered. It’s one of their more underrated songs in my opinion and I absolutely love it.” ThisIsRogue is similarly a ten giver, which is rare since he only gave out THREE for the entire rate (plus the 11), “The music production glitters with those blips and beeps and there's a slightly cinematic feel to the song with the violins low in the mix during Bom's pre-chorus. It's driven along quite nicely with the drums and hi-hats as well. I love my bops, and this just has me bopping all the way through.” From someone stingy on tens to someone who needs to learn the notion of grading on a damn curve, it’s Aries: “effortlessly cool, bonus points for the equal line distribution.” Well I don’t know about that, unfortunately nobody did one of those line distribution videos on this song yet, but I’d wager a bet CL gets the most time. Just a hunch.

    Robinho#1 makes me giggle with a bit of forum herstory, “If I recall correctly the song didn’t get the best reaction on the forum. Nonetheless, it’s great and an unexpected direction for them in terms of production. They were always delivering tough girl but this was slightly sweet.” Well it’s top three now, so Hoorah! ryan_riot92 also makes me giggle, “Even if it’s not as powerful as IATB or Ugly, it’s still a great hit.” Well it sure beat Ugly by quite a margin, didn’t it. Squashua gave this a 9 and says, “Always here for arcade glitches and beeps, where this differs from the previous material is the clearness of the vocals alongside a much stronger pop sensibility. Not the best of the EP, certainly doesn't sound particularly hateful in tone compared to, say, 4Minute's Hate, but very listenable. The bratz-doll anime video is also very cute.” Big Bang gives me another gif commentary and I’m starting to think about reporting him to the moderators: "[​IMG] "

    Sigh, do I have to paste roux’s commentary into my celebratory top three post? Ok fine, “Doesn't provoke any of the feelings that a song called "Hate You" should.” Whatever. Never thought I’d say this, but let’s get things back on track with ajmkv, “Another great hit from 2NE1, this is quite good.” Quite. Next up is GeiPanda, “I usually find at least one fault with the members’ vocal techniques, but not here - they all sound great. It’s just such a fluid track - everything about this song works for me here.” Sis, if everything works why didn’t you give it a 10? Can Slice of Life take it further? Of course: “I can’t believe 2NE1 invented animated music videos. Kekekeke. This is probably one of the most underrated (Deja-Boo note: Top three, bish. Kii) 2NE1 songs and it’s sad because this absolutely knocks. The sentiment of the song is signature 2NE1 and the girls sound really rather hateful in this track. Also, I remember when this was supposed to be called “F*ck You” but then YG reasoned out that Minzy was still a minor so it was changed to “Hate You”. Queen of Thinking about the Youth’s Morality! F*ck You would have been a better song title but that little drama does not diminish this song’s amazingness. This was a 10 since day one.”

    Let’s end with our sole 11/10 giver,
    Charles Vingt-†rois, “sad Dara gets so few lines since she sounds better than Minzy. The 808, the syth melody… everything is so perfect. The aggressiveness in the chorus.”

    The MV is of course fantastic and everybody should watch it:

  6. So our final two are...

    내가 제일 잘 나가 (I AM THE BEST) vs. I LOVE YOU

    Two iconic hits. Fourteen 11/10s between them. One winner.

    Find out who gets the crown

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    Yath at the iconic I Love You - I Am The Best final showdown! This is the best possible outcome and I would be happy whichever song wins.

    But enough about that. Let's talk about ~Hate You~ first. What a triumph of a song. The little song that snatched a Top 3 placement like a damn professional Scammer. Joanne would be proud. Somehow, it making it to Top 3 is actually such an achievement already. Well done, Popjustice voters!
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  8. Oh wow I predicted its ranking.
  9. FYI I'm not stingy with my 10s, I'm discerning.

    OK, maybe I am a tad stingy ha!
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  10. One of the few rate top 2s I can safely say I don't mind what wins (although ideally my 11).
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  11. Perfect top ten. Two of the best ever kpop songs for sure.
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  12. Thanks @Deja-Boo for almost giving me a heart attack.

    Hate You would be so much better if it hadn't got CeeLo Green'd.
  13. Almost cried. It's all good though.
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  14. I really wish they had kept the "Fuck you" part....
  15. Sooo... what's happening with this rate? Are we going to find out who the winner is and if so, when?
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  16. A true Produce 101 experience.
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  17. Oh a 2NE1 rate? How cute, when does it start?

    I'll finish this weekend, I've just been a bit busy.
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  18. Ok cool. I was getting a bit concerned. I was thinking that I'd wait 1 week from the 3rd place elimination and ask everyone for their scores to try and finish the rate!

    Glad to see you do intend to finish.
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  19. OK, but the drama if we never found out which song got first place would be DELICIOUS.
  20. It wouldn't be YG if this wasn't how it went down.
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