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    2NE1 are a highly popular Korean Pop Girl Group that have been dominating Korean Charts since 2009. All their singles have been immensely successful in Korea and had been creating interest world wide. They sing in Korean, Japanese & English. In 2011, They debuted in Japan and also were crowned The Best New Band In The World. After amazing success with each release, we are still yet to hear a full English album.

    This is 2NE1's catalogue of singles:

    Lollipop (w/ Big Bang)
    I Don't Care
    Follow Me
    Please Don't Go (CL/Minzy Solo)
    Kiss (Dara Solo)
    You & I (Bom Solo)
    Can't Nobody
    Go Away
    Clap Your Hands
    It Hurts
    Can't Nobody (English Version)
    Don't Stop The Music
    Please Don't Cry (Bom Solo)
    I'm The Best
    Hate You
    Lonely (Japanese Version)
    I Am The Best (Japanese Version)
    Hate You (Japanese Version)
    Ugly (Japanese Version)
    Go Away (Japanese Version)
    I Love You
    Be Mine
    Falling In Love
    Do You Love Me?
    Missing You
    Come Back Home
    Gotta Be You


    Park Bom
    Park Bom is 2NE1's lead singer and has been a popular solo artist before joining 2NE1. She commonly has a front fringe and wears dresses. She is well known for her distinctive voice and has featured in a lot of YG's acts.

    Red Roc - Along My Way (Feat. Park Bom)
    Lexy - Baby Boy (Feat. Park Bom)
    Anystar (Feat. G-Dragon)
    Lee Hyori - Anystar (Feat. Park Bom)
    BIGBANG - We Belong Together (Feat. Park Bom)
    BIGBANG - Forever With You (Feat. Park Bom)
    You & I - Debut Single
    GD&TOP - Oh Yeah (Feat. Park Bom)
    GD&TOP - Don't Go Home (Feat. Park Bom) - Original
    Don't Cry
    GG - Having An Affair (Feat. Park Bom)
    GD&TOP - Oh Yeah (Feat. Park Bom) (Japanese Ver.)


    2NE1 TV
    Season Two
    Season Two was filmed during the making and promotions for 2NE1's first album, To Anyone. In this season we see the girls in London, The U.S making music with Black Eyed Peas' will.i.am for their U.S debut and in Korea doing what they do best.

    Episode 01 (Premiere): Part 01; Part 02; Part 03
    Episode 02: Part 01; Part 02
    Episode 03: Part 01; Part 02
    Episode 04: Part 01; Part 02
    Episode 05: Part 01; Part 02
    Episode 06: Part 01; Part 02
    Episode 07: Part 01; Part 02
    Episode 08: Part 01; Part 02
    Episode 09: Part 01; Part 02
    Episode 10 (Final): Part 01; Part 02

    Season Three
    Season Three is being broadcast worldwide to an array of different countries which has had increased popularity for K-Pop and 2NE1 in particular. There have been sole-member centric episodes for the members of 2NE1. It started airing on 18th July 2011 and has shown the girls during their time for their 2nd Mini Album promotion and Bom's solo work.

    Episode One (Premiere): Part 01; Part 02
    Episode Two: Full Episode
    Episode Three: Full Episode
    Episode Four: Full Episode
    Episode Five: Full Episode
    Episode Six: Full Episode
    Episode Seven: Full Episode
    Episode Eight: Full Episode
    Episode Nine: Full Episode
    Episode Ten: Full Episode
    Episode Eleven: Part 01; Part 02
    Episode Twelve: Part 01; Part 02
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  2. Re: 2EN1

    2NE1 thanks!
  3. Dek


    Re: 2EN1


    then wonder girls should have their own thread too ?
  4. Re: 2EN1

    Ah, the image sort of hurts my eyes, haha.

    Also.. I thought it was 2NE1.. not 2EN1?

    Anyways, yay for 2NE1. I love them so much. Fire is one of my favourite songs ever. haha
  5. 3Xs


    Re: 2EN1

    It's 2NE1....*facepalm*
  6. Thread title fail.
  7. Pen Expers

    Pen Expers Moderator

    Corrected that title for you, couldn't stand the misspelling.
  8. I'm actually really looking forward to this.

    Fire is awesome!
  9. Well this is off to a good start, haha!
  10. I seriously cannot believe I made that mistake. I feel so so so ashamed.
  11. 3Xs


    Did we really need a separate thread for them outside of the main K-Pop one?
  12. Re: 2EN1

    So excited for their English album! You know I pretty much love everything they have ever done... Particularly I Don't Care and (unpopular opinion alert!) It Hurts. Oh and Bom is my favorite!

    (Is that picture meant to be pulsating haha?)
  13. I hope not everything on it is by Will.i.am.. Not his biggest fan, to be honest.
  14. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

  15. I couldn't help myself. I wake up every morning to go on allkpop.com to see if there has been any news on the English album's release. I really am so excited. 2NE1 / Bom's music has taken over everyday listening.

    I don't find any of their tracks filler at all.
  16. Why do I love the english version so much, love them.
  17. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Suggestion: Maybe we should make a list of links of all the singles they've released since 2009 in the first post. That way it would be easier for the ones who are just introduced to 2NE1, especially when they finally do their US debut.
  18. Great idea!
    Lollipop - Lonely?
  19. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Yes indeed. From Lollipop to Lonely!
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