It has been for like two years now, that's one of the reasons I love them/YG. They're so not the norm of what popstars wear, always on the cusp of cutting edge and they changed it up plenty in the MV for I Love You.

It's one picture, that we don't even know what for yet and everyone is losing their shit like this is the English album cover. Chill the fuck out.

That's the problem. They used same look for far too long. There's nothing edgy about it in 2012. It's quite boring and tired now.Like Nicki Minaj with better coordination. Mix it up. I'm not talking about that one picture, it just sums up perfectly the issue.

Tracklist is shit. Everything on that single is already on internet.


I haven't seen that look on any other popstar in the past two years? Nicki? Rhenna pls.

I wouldn't mind a shake up image wise but not too much. I like that they are cohesive when other K-Pop groups change 'image' every comeback and besides people are acting like they are dressed like that 24/7 which is far from the truth. They switch it up for shoots, MV's, interviews etc.

They're obviously doing something with him in America and thus why they are wearing his clothes on a photo shoot. It's not rocket science.
Doin it


LA concert has ended!!!^.^ Saw lots of familar faces today~ Will oppa & apl.de.ap oppa’s suprprise! Cool freestyle rap!+.+ Thank you so much to everyone! This is a gift that came directly from the Nokia Theatre! It’s only given to artists that sold out their concerts (at the Nokia theatre) and we’re the first (to receive it) from Asia! It’s all because of you guys! I’m so happy^.^


A surprise visit from Will.I.Am and Apl? Plus that plaque? So proud of them right now.

Watch them now go off to Japan for the whole of September and fuck it all back up....
Have you seen this fan-made English version of 'I Love You'? I stumbled across it on YouTube earlier; it's pretty impressive.

Have you seen this fan-made English version of 'I Love You'? I stumbled across it on YouTube earlier; it's pretty impressive.

AWFUL lyrics. "Keep me from obsessing on you?" "Give me something I can believe in of?" I hope English is not her first language.

The concert was AMAZING. So many perfect songs back-to-back, honestly one of the best set lists I've ever heard. I don't think Dara sang more than one line live (and was flat), and also she needs to eat some sandwiches. Bom was better than I expected (maybe it was track), and I want to BE CL when I grow up.

I've never really rated Minzy but came out of this show with a new bias. She's fire.
With each release I fall out of love with them.. I don't know why. I hated UGLY, and never really loved I Love You. I do hope they comeback and really wow us though! Lets hope it's not pushed back again.. and again.

I expect a full album with repackage YG! ALL NEW SONGS!


Where the fuck is this comeback?

I know they said November but you've got to be shitting me with the fuck all amount of news we've gotten. They've delayed this long enough, don't tell me it's LATE Novemeber as well?

What a pile of shit! I'm going to end up hating this song because of all this waiting.

Dear YG.