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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Blayke, May 17, 2011.

  1. In his like third attempt at explaining the whole mess:
    That blaming someone's mental health must have worked when he axed that WINNER boy.
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  2. He


    Also, I bet their fate was sealed and that is why Minzy quit.
  3. Literally dropping it all on the state of Bom's mental health is awful. I feel so sorry for her.
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  4. I'm actually loving this. It's heartbreaking that they're splitting up. There's still so much potential left.
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  5. She really needs to follow steps of Uhm Jung Hwa, her role model. Increeased TV and film appearances while cooking some amazing album!
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  6. He


    The Philippines will pay for it whenever that is.
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  7. So how about like next week?

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  8. 3Xs


    Every time I listen to Goodbye I get sooo emotional listening to the second verse. Like the first time we've heard from Park Bom in years and the first thing out of her mouth is 믿지 마 ("Don't believe"). I know CL apparently wrote the song with Minzy in mind but the second verse suits Bom so well.

    "Don’t believe the broken words" is such a subtle yet powerful repudiation of all the shit thrown at her. I'm glad she was able to regain some of her dignity in this song and that CL gave her that gift. Especially hearing now that apparently the only reason we got Goodbye at all was largely because of CL's efforts. Her friends helped as crew on the MV and Jeremy Scott provided outfits apparently as a gift, and the entire song was re-worked from a solo song to a 2NE1 song.

    I mean, you can see from her actions and literally HEAR in this song all her love for 2NE1 and yet people are still trying to throw her under the bus acting like she doesn't give a shit about the group. I love that the MV ends with them all in bed and CL is above them, protecting them.
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  9. Okay so I've changed my mind. I'm kinda loving Goodbye tbh. It's still not as good as their other ballads, but it's lovely in it's own way.

    Kinda have to enjoy it as its the last thing we'll ever have with their vocals together on it. Cause I imagine some of their album will end up being used by BlackPink.

  10. One of their comeback stages for Come Back Home came up as a suggested video on YouTube and the song really hit me now that they've disbanded. It's even more sad within this new context.
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  11. CL who? We have a new high-fashion queen who doesn't need Vogue.
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  12. Hang this in The Louvre or put it in The MoMA.
  13. That's not a good look.
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  14. She is going to scalp Korea
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  15. He


    I hope they still have some sympathy for her.

    I’d love for her to succeed.
  16. I hope Bom comes back. Is she still with YG?
  17. I'm hoping she's still with Black Label (and not directly YG) so she can get a huge song like Gashina. She deserves it.
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  18. If she has any sense she will get the hell away from YG after the way they treated her.
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  19. Yeah. I'd love for her to go indie and leave YG altogether. I really don't trust them after how they handled Bom's 'scandal.' No ma'am.
  20. The sad thing is she's said she's thankful to YG and he did nothing wrong (something like that)
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