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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Blayke, May 17, 2011.

  1. Wasn’t it revealed that she was never with Black Label? I thought she’s been without an agency this entire time? Only Dara and CL stayed with YG.
  2. Bom said she's still under Black Label despite not signing with YG but YG said she's not. And I don't believe a single thing YG says so I'm still not convinced until Bom herself says it.

    I don't know how sub-labels work though, does YG have control over Black Label? If he does, then yas go indie queen.
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  3. Bom's new agency. I can't believe she's actually coming

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  4. CL looks cute. She has a role in that one movie I forgot the name

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  5. I wish it was still coming this year but at least we have a date so yay.
  6. I miss my girls, I’m so excited for Bom, she was my first bias.
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  7. So Bom's releasing a solo album?

    I'm already looking forward to her acting as if she's trying to reach a high note with a face that won't budge.

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  8. Calling it 'Dance Break Tour' because she'll need to pad out the setlist with about 12 different dance breaks ugh, her mind.
  9. upload_2018-10-19_16-34-39.png

    Aww, Minzy.

    Hope she's been OK.
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  10. Bom and Dara went live on Instagram and it was the highlight of my day, week and month ddddddd. I miss them sooooo much.

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  11. Dara dressing as 2NE1's dead career, amazing. Her artistic vision is truly under-appreciated.

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  12. Minzy is just gonna be performing like 2 solos and the rest 2NE1 songs, right?
  13. She just said that she is gonna postpone the tour to early 2019 so she can have new music out before the tour.
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  14. This is really decidedly not very terrible. I like it.
    The video, though. So many questions. Where should I start?
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  15. He


    Minzy’s could be the worst video of the year. I can’t even tell she’s in it. I really want her to do well but the Ninano was a masterpiece in comparison.
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  16. Why.
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  17. This makes me want to cry, she is so precious

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  18. Is Dara not promoting Spring with Bom because YG is trash or because everyone in YG is under house arrest at the moment or both.
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  19. Both. Obviously he’d punish his acts for his own idiocy.
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