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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Blayke, May 17, 2011.

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  2. CL, Minzy and Dara sent a flower basket to Bom. My heart is full.
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  3. Someone just told me the "nae maeumedo bom bom bomi olkkayo" line in the chorus could be a reference to Bom's own comeback aside from its meaning about spring coming again. We love a singer-songwriter.
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  4. 3Xs


    "Bom" literally means spring in Korean so yeah it's meant to be a double entendre!
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  5. I missed these girls so much. I want 2NE1 back!
  6. My heart!!!!

  7. They should just reform as a 2NE1 sub-unit.
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  8. Queendom is doing Bom no favours whatsoever.
  9. Please elaborate.
  10. Bom song choices are group oriented as oppose to solos. Requiring energetic choreography and she has never been much of a dancer.

    Lastly, her stages set her up to fail. She looks confused and sounds out of breath. Bom desperately needs to distract from her shortcomings.
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  11. I thought she didn't do THAT bad. Her cover of Hann was great.
  12. Hann was good for this version of Bom. Just feel that she could have done more with her dancing. She was giving Mariah a run for her money.
  13. Didn’t she also literally have that Brave Girl take her place in one of the heavy choreography numbers?
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  14. 3Xs


    Hann aside, yeah, the performances haven't been spectacular. That being said, the program is garnering her probably the best press she's had since debut, and rebuilding her image with the Korean public, which is just the icing on the cake this year after the success of "Spring." So overall I'd say it's been a net positive.
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