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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Blayke, May 17, 2011.

  1. Or break Dara out of YG and let's have a reunion.

    A stan can dream.
  2. He


    I think they will eventually. But Dara needs out of YG.

    I'm actually impressed Bom got her in a song.
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  3. I honestly believe CL could dominate in the US with the right management taking care of her. Even though she had built up a lot of momentum last time, no one really new her well in the US so its not like she's this artist that had a one hit wonder and then disappeared, she kind of never got started there at all.

    I agree though she should work on dominating Korea too, but hey girls a hard worker, she can dominate the world.

    She at least dominates my spotify.
  4. Personally I think the ship has sailed. Maybe not in Korea but internationally, what does she offer that a Western artist or a fresher K-pop artist isn’t? I really do like CL and would’ve loved her to take off but I can’t see anything happening.
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  5. I was listening to their back catalogue yesterday and it got to "Ugly" and I have to say, it is probably my least favorite 2NE1 song. Like.. it tries to masquerade as this song that is self-aware or relatable to young women but leaves a sour taste in my mouth given that at the same time that they were releasing that pig Yang Hyun Suk was actually calling the girls ugly. The whole thing comes off to me as a very calculated and exploitative marketing tactic and I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if that song was his suggestion seeing as the whole song feels at odds with the groups identity and ethos.

  6. Yas! She isn’t wasting any time!
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  7. He


    Ah, nice she's getting another chance!

    She's also looking amazing.
  8. Minzy was on Video Star earlier this month and confirmed that her next song is going to be a "dance" song, though there's no release date.

    I timestamped the video so it should play at the right spot.

    Closer to the end of the video, she also talks about the hateful comments she received when she left 2NE1.
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  9. Minzy finally has full control of her career!

    It looks like the responsibilities she's taking on suit her. I mean, she did a great job taking on the leadership role with Unnies and you could see in the show that she really inspired the other women to do well rather than be intimidated by her talent and skills.

    I hope MZ Entertainment ends up being a fruitful venture for her. She deserves it.
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  10. No one posted this last week? Made me tear up a little.
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  11. 3Xs


    The fact that I still regularly hear Spring and 창피해 on the radio and yet Bom hasn't given us a comeback this year


  12. Any love for new CL? Couldn’t find any mention on the General thread, but I’m so excited she’s finally releasing her album, and think this is one of her strongest solo songs. Love the chorus hook.

    Is she still with Scooter?
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  13. I assume so, she did get a few stories from him on Instagram.
  14. This one is good, the other one isn’t.
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