Haven't bothered watching the second episode since it isn't subbed yet. But I read somewhere the Friday episodes of the Korean 2NE1TV are suppose to focus on one member and then the Tuesday episodes features all of them. I guess it's a good way to get to know more about the girls individually, so I'm looking forward to Bom's episodes the most.
Working my way through Series 2 still. I love watching their studio time. I'm watching Episode 5 part 1 at the moment and what song should play in the background but the Sugababes - Overload! *shockedface*
I'm a new fan of 2NE1. I first heard of them back when FIRE was released. They are very talented. I've been listening to some of their live performances, like pretty boy~ do they have any other songs that are really dance/hip hop? I just luv their style. Also I found out hey have a tv show?!?!? I need to see this O.O
Im absolutely in Love with "It Hurts". Such a beautiful song. I want to try and change the lyrics myself so I can possibly perform it, Im going to try. I think its starting to become one of my favourite ballads
I was worried the dates for 2NE1's Japanese tour wouldn't sell out but there was a high number of applications for tickets, YGEX had to add another date at Yokohama arena. So glad they're already developing a solid fan base in Japan even though they haven't begun promoting there.

Also, Dara's episode of 2NE1TV has been fan subbed since YG still hasn't uploaded it on Youtube
Ugh i really cant make it through an entire episode of just Dara. Its not that I don't like her but shes just not very exciting... at all.
I'm so anticipating their US debut, it's unreal. And I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I would like some of their lder songs translated (as long as it still sounded good). Even just Clap Your Hands, Go Away, Don't Stop The Music, Lonely and I Am The Best.