Just watched the HQ video and fell in love. My one little problem is that there should be a bit more..."mmph" in the final chorus and maybe the second too. But I absolutely adore the bridge.
I'm a bit late to the Bom discussion, but I think she's flawless with whatever hair colour / face structure she gets. I think that the surgeries have made her look older but not OLD. She looked like a teenager in You & I then the older half-sister of herself in Don't Cry.

I LOVED her 'To Anyone' era hair, it was fantastic. The peach took a LONG time for me to adjust to as I loved the red so much. It actually turned out to be nice, that MSN interview Resi12 posted is how I loved her hair that era. When they did the Japanese Go Away, I didn't like the revisit to the red. It was too pink, but this is just making me sound really really picky. That chocolate brown hair she's been sporting recently suits her so well. I actually love it, more than her debut hair colour. The Scream hair colour however is like a bit of each previous colour into one!

I feel ashamed that most of this post is about Bom's hair colour(s).
CL is too amazing.

I think Bom looks best in the 'To Anyone' era with her red hair. From after that till now, I find there is something off about her but I can't pinpoint what it is exactly.
The CL gif reminded me of how much I loved her Triforce earrings in Scream.

And Bom is perfect whether she looks amazing or awful. I think it's endearing that she has her off days like anyone else (and even when she's off she's still gorgeous).
CL is overrated. Sometimes, I find her voice grating, especially with all the vocoded effects added on it. Can't Nobody is only let down by her parts.
Thankyou! Bom has gotten much thinner! I hope they bring this song back home to Korea. this performing stage was just hilarious bad. It was like a 'sleepover' scenario!