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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by imnotshy, Jul 27, 2011.

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    (Members L-R Junsu, Junho, Chansung, Nichkhun, Wooyoung and Taecyeon)

    2PM is a South Korean boy band, originally a seven-member group, but currently consisting of six members due to the sudden contract termination of leader Jaebeom following an Internet controversy in September 2009. They are managed by JYP Entertainment.

    Current members:

    Chansung- Born February 11, 1990. Acted in the Korean sitcom "Unstoppable High Kick". The Maknae (youngest member of the group).

    Nichkhun- Born June 24, 1988 in California. Nichkhun is Thai. Spent his childhood in Thailand and California. Was scouted by JYPE in Hollywood.

    Taecyeon- Born December 27, 1988 in Seoul, Korea but moved to Bedford, Massachusetts as a child. Originally auditioned for JYPE in New York City. Acted in the Korean drama Dream High.

    Wooyoung- Born April 30, 1989 in Busan, Korea. Acted in the Korean drama Dream High.

    Junsu- Born January 15, 1988. Was a YG trainee.

    Junho- Born January 25, 1990. Said to look very similar to the Korean singer Rain.

    Former members:

    Jaebeom (Jay Park)- Born April 25, 1987 in Seattle Washington. Trained for four years to improve his singing and Korean before debuting. He's now a solo artist.

    Singles Pre Jaebeom Departure:
    10 out of 10 (2008)
    Only You (2008)
    Again & Again (2009)
    I Hate You (2009)

    Singles Post Jaebeom Departure:
    Heartbeat (2009)
    Tired of Waiting (2009)
    I Was Crazy About You (2009)
    Without You (2010)
    I'll Be Back (2010)
    Hands Up (2011)
    Comeback When You Hear This Song (2013)
    A.D.T.O.Y. (2013)

    Japanese Singles:
    Take Off (2011)
    I'm Your Man (2011)
    Ultra Lover (2011)
    Beautiful (2012)
    w/ 2AM One Day (2012)
    Masquerade (2012)
    Give Me Love (2013)
    Winter Games (2013)

    Studio Albums:
    The First Album 1:59PM (2009)
    Hands Up (2011)
    Republic of 2PM (2011)*
    Legend of 2PM (2013)*
    Grown (2013)
    Genesis of 2PM (2014)*

    *Japanese Release

    Extended Plays/ Single Albums:
    Hottest Time of the Day (2008)
    2:00PM Time For Change (2009)
    Don't Stop Can't Stop (2010)
    Still 2:00PM (2010)

    CF (Commercial Film)/ Endorsement Songs:
    My Color (2009) For Samsung Corby Phone
    Tik Tok (feat. Yoon Eun-Hye) (2010) For Cass Beer
    Open Happiness (2010) For Coca-Cola
    Crazy4S (2010) For Korean sport gear-retailer "SPRIS"
    Follow Your Soul (2010) For OPPO Digital
    CABI Song (feat. SNSD) (2010) For Caribbean Bay
    Fly to Seoul (Boom Boom Boom) (2010) For Fly2Korea
    Nori For U (2010) For Samsung Anycall NORi
    What's Your Celebration (2010) For the FIFA 2010 World Cup
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  2. We will just see how this works. I am not at all opposed to deleting this thread if it becomes inactive! So feel free to shoot me a PM/ say here, "You know no one is here for that" haha.

    Also, if you want to get into 2PM, I would start with their songs 10 out of 10, Again & Again and Heartbeat.

    And I left out all CF songs because I was too lazy. But I love 2PM and they are tied with BEAST as my favorite K-Pop act. They really do have great stage presence/ charisma.
  3. "Tired of Waiting" is what made me fall in love with them. They're amazing performers, but I feel like JYP just has horrific production sometimes.
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  5. thanks imnotshy for putting this up. Yes the appeal of 2PM is their "flaming charisma" than their songs to be honest. They are great perfomers and put on a show. I love them more for their personas which in general is laid-back, goofy and approachable.

    big bang, that photo of Junho is going to be my wallpaper and photo of the day on my google+ account.

  6. I'm here for Taecyeon's body and Wooyoung's adorable fish face. Otherwise.... MEH.
  7. They have two very good album tracks, but other than that I don't like their sound at all. Especially Hands Up is terrible.

    I agree that they're good performers though.
  8. The really are great performers and I love their songs but I know I'm alone here, haha. Another thing I love is they have their own sound.

    Also, they have their own show airing now called "2PM Show" and if any of you want to see it subbed you can stream the aired episodes here along with We Got Married Episodes with Nichkhun & Victoria from f(x) and many many more shows 2PM has been apart of or featured in.
  9. I do like some of their songs. Just none of the current crop. Take Off is the last song of theirs I loved.

    Thanks for the links to the subbed 2PM show!
  10. Yeah, 2PM Show is great! They are really funny, everyone should watch it, haha.

    And I love Take Off too. I hope they do well in Japan when they start promotions back up there.
  11. Oh Nichkhun so cute and bubbly yet so tough and big.
  12. ok what full album of theirs is actually worth owning? i've downloaded most of their earlier singles and their first album 1:59 which i think is great. Is their new album worth it?

    I would like to own an actual piece of 2PM.
  13. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    I wish to meet someone like Taecyeon soon. Yes, I'm serious.
  14. Unpopular opinion: I love Hands Up. It's in my K-Pop Top 5 this year.
    And Jay Park is one talented guy.
  15. Personally I think it's pretty good! Hands Up and Like a Movie are stand out tracks and it includes their best past singles too. The album tracks are of a good standard too bar Electricity.
  16. I want a Junho or Nickhun. Believe me, I scout around my university campus.
    (I'm not desperate, I swear.)
  17. Back off, Junho is mine!

    Seriously though, I'm looking for a Junho type. Complete husband material.

    Finished watching the first two episodes of the 2PM show. It's great how they can make the simplest situation so funny and entertaining. They are just so likable!
  18. The really are likable! Sometimes I forget how funny they are.

    And on the new album, I am at that stanning point where I buy everything they release, haha.

    I don't know if the new album is worth it for everyone though. There are really only 6 new songs, the rest are old singles and remixes of Hands Up and Electricity. But like big bang said, Like The Movies is great and I really like Give It To Me myself. And I love Electricity but I know even hardcore Hottests who detest it, haha.

    ALSO, a teaser for their new Japanese single, I'm Your Man, was shown on Japanese TV. The dancing looks like it's gonna be great!
  19. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    I swear I even visit the physical education/sport science department just to take my chance of seeing a Taecyeon-like existence. I'm not desparate too. Just...uhm... HOPEFUL.
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