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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by imnotshy, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Chansung is my ultimate bias so just so everyone knows he is taken by me, haha.

    And rank wise:

    Wooyoung & Taecyeon

    Taec & Nichkhun
    Junho & Junsu

    Taec, Wooyoung, Junho and Junsu

    I love every member a lot though. They are my favorite boy group of all time (I will defend their music till the day I die, haha) with BEAST following closely behind.
  2. Haha. Regardless of the rankings, I feel the same way. There is some to love out of each member
  3. +1

    There is no competition.
  4. I love Nichkhun and his Cheeto Puff eyebrows but Chansung is the most amazing, loveliest and greatest member. And yeah, they are such a lovable group Macsun!
  5. I'm not really a big fan of 2PM but I adore Chansung.
  6. This weekend I had lunch in Little Tokyo...I couldn't decide what I wanted, but saw that they have opened up a Mr. Pizza (Korean chain) and they had a poster of 2PM outside:


    I decided I needed to try their bulgogi pizza (which was good, but tasted like a regular Pizza Hut sausage pizza).

    Anyway, point is, I let 2PM influence my eating decision!
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  7. You ate 2PM's sausage? *giggles*
  8. me wants toooo!
  9. I would rather have some buns! (yes i'm looking at you Junho and Chansung)
  10. Haha! And I have to try Mr. Pizza. I didn't know they had chains in the US.

    And Taecyeon has released a single with Blue Bears called Wings and I think it's really nice.
  11. What a sweet ditty, I need to find a high quality of it. thanks for posting!
  12. Thanks! I love their Real 2PM shows
  13. Nichkhun for ARENA HOMME

    You can see the other pics here.
  14. [​IMG]
    L to R: Taecyeon, Junho, Junsu, Nichkhun, Wooyoung and Chansung

    So I have been avoiding making this thread hoping the new one just appears but it seems it is not so here I am making a new one for my number 1 boy group of all time, 2PM!

    2PM is a South Korean boy band, originally a seven-member group, but currently consisting of six members. They are managed by JYP Entertainment. The current members are Junsu, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho and Chansung. The members of 2PM found their start under Korean musician Park Jin Young, who formed an eleven-member band known as One Day. Eventually the band was split into 2PM, and a similar but independent group known as 2AM.

    Junsu: Born January 15, 1988. He is 2PM's current oldest member and the group's main vocalist.
    Nichkhun: Born June 24, 1988. Nichkhun, The Thai Prince, was born in California. In the group he raps, sings and is known for his good looks.
    Taecyeon: Born December 27, 1988. Taec was born in Korea but raised in Massachusetts. He is the group's main rapper.
    Wooyoung: Born April 30, 1989. Wooyoung is one of the lead vocalist and is the main dancer of the group.
    Junho: Born January 25, 1990. Junho is one of the lead vocalist and lead dancers in the group.
    Chansung: Born February 11, 1990. Chansung is the maknae of the group. He is a rapper and vocalist.

    Former Members:
    Jay Park AKA Jaebeom: Born April 25, 1987 in Washington. Jay Park is the former leader of 2PM. He also was the main dancer and rapper. He now has a successful career as a solo artist.


    Korean Singles:
    10 Out of 10
    Again & Again
    Heartbeat (First single without Jay Park))
    Without You
    I'll Be Back
    Hands Up
    Japanese Singles:
    Take Off
    I'm Your Man
    Ultra Lover
    2AM + 2PM- One Day

    Studio Albums:
    2009- 1:59 PM (Korean)
    2011- Hands Up (Korean)
    2011- Republic of 2PM (Japanese)

    2010- Still 2:00PM (Korean)

    Compilation Albums:
    2011- All About 2PM
    2012- 2PM Best (2008–2011 in Korea)
    2012- 2PM Member's Selection

    ~~2PM Fighting~~
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  15. And we don't need to compare but Chansung still has the best Men's Health cover but everyone who has done one looks great!
  16. ^There is no comparison, Chanseung has the best body/cover.

    So Beautiful is another hit with me, so good (Something about it sounds familiar though). Is the purpose of One Day to introduce 2AM to Japan?
  17. Girls with male bodies... Freaky!
  18. I don't get it. They look pretty manly to me.
  19. Wooyoung is my fave.
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