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303 - Whisper (new girl band)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. I like the song but I hate how they let Maddie wear those overalls with a logo that they had to blur out the entire video, it looks bad.
  2. Dddd. I kinda love it. It completes the early 2000s aesthetic. I wouldn't be surprised if it was intentional.
  3. Well, not catchy. Maybe it's a grower.
  4. This is the first song they've released that's done anything for me. A bop!

    Does it sample something though? It sounds kinda familiar, especially that intro.
  5. Video has gone.
  6. I feel like this was specifically made for me.
  7. Aw they re-uploaded with the logo unblurred? I legit thought it was a joke about how so many videos from the early 2000s had blurred out logos.
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  8. Back for the adds
  9. Tommy Jeans PayPaled the money!
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  10. Oop, I actually really liked that. Also I love the way they look, they're very unique.
  11. They’re so fresh, whilst sounding and looking like Sugababes 1.0 in the best way possible.

    I actually hope they don’t go the way of Four of Diamonds, M.O. These girls deserve to be massive.
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  12. Out There is so good. 3/3 so far.
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  13. Whoa, "Out Here" got me hooked. So sleek.
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  14. I really recommend Spotify Radio based on ‘Out Here’. What a playlist!

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  15. Out Here is very good isn't it? It's been a grower for me
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  16. New song out this week!

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  17. Damn jammm! Finally Chloe is doing a verse and not the bridge. I just love their voices.
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