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    On this, the eve of the boring, awful, ugly, untalented GP Grammys, we open the floor for the exciting, spectacular, wonderful, talented, skinny PJ Grammys. I've received blessings from our previous host @Island to get this show on the road so that we can reward the actual best of the last year. Eligibility is the usual October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017.

    Feel free to peruse last year's ceremony in preparation for the festivities.

    • Submit 3-5 songs/albums in each category that will be listed below​
    • Songs/albums must have been released between October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017​
    • Regarding songs, singles and album tracks are allowed for submissions.​
    • All 2017 Grammy Submissions are valid for the PJ Grammys, except in categories that won't be represented.​
    • Albums and songs cannot go genre-hopping. Other than General Field, A song or album can only be submitted in one genre.​
    • The top 5 nominees in each category will be nominated for the final ballot.​
    Record of the Year
    Song of the Year
    Album of the Year
    Best New Artist
    Best Pop Solo Performance
    Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
    Best Pop Vocal Album
    Best Urban Contemporary/R&B Album
    Best Dance Album
    Best Dance Recording
    Best Rap Performance
    Best Rap/Sung Performance
    Best R&B Performance
    Best Rap Album
    Best Alternative Album
    Best Music Video
    Producer of the Year, Non-Classical
    Best Recording Package
    Best Country Album (optional)
    Best Country Song (optional)

    Nominations are due February 28, so start your campaigning now girls!

    And because there's been some questions about genre, because with the Grammys, aren't there always? Other than the big categories, I'll clear up any questions here.

    MUNA - Alternative album, Pop Duo/Group
    Lorde - Pop
    Lana Del Rey - Pop
    Paramore - Alternative album, Pop Duo/Group
    George Maple - Alternative album, Pop Solo
    St. Vincent - Pop Solo
    Susanne Sundfør - Alternative album, Pop Solo
    Moses Sumney - Alternative album, Pop Solo
    Anna of the North - Alternative Album, Pop Solo
    The Weeknd - Urban Contemporary/R&B Album
    Mabel - R&B​
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  2. Album of the Year
    Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.
    Lady Gaga - Joanne
    Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life
    Lorde - Melodrama
    MUNA - About U
    SZA - ctrl

    Record of the Year
    Cardi B - "Bodak Yellow"
    Dua Lipa - "New Rules"
    Kendrick Lamar - "HUMBLE."
    Lorde - "Green Light"
    MUNA - "I Know A Place"
    St. Vincent - "Los Ageless"

    Song of the Year
    Dua Lipa - "New Rules"

    Kesha - "Praying"
    Lana Del Rey - "Love"
    Lorde - "Green Light"
    MUNA - "I Know A Place"

    Best New Artist
    Dua Lipa
    Rina Sawayama

    Pop Vocal Album
    Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel
    Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa
    Kesha - Rainbow
    Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life
    Lorde - Melodrama

    Pop Solo Performance
    Dua Lipa - "New Rules"
    Kesha - "Praying"
    Lady Gaga - "The Cure"
    Lana Del Rey - "Love"
    Lorde - "Green Light"

    Pop Group/Duo Performance
    Britney Spears feat. Tinashe - "Slumber Party"
    Fifth Harmony - "He Like That"
    Lana Del Rey feat. The Weeknd - "Lust For Life"
    Little Mix - "Touch"
    MUNA - "I Know A Place"

    Urban Contemporary Album
    Childish Gambino - Awaken My Love
    Daniel Caesar - Freudian
    Khalid - American Teen
    SZA - ctrl
    Tinashe - Nightride
    The Weeknd - Starboy

    R&B Performance
    Childish Gambino - "Redbone"
    Kelela - "LMK"
    Khalid - "Location"
    SZA - "Drew Barrymore"
    SZA - "The Weekend"

    Rap Album
    A Tribe Called Quest - We Got It From Here, Thank You For Your Service
    Cupcakke - Queen Elizabitch
    Jay-Z - 4:44
    Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.
    Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy

    Rap Performance
    Cardi B. - "Bodak Yellow"
    Cupcakke - "CPR"
    Kendrick Lamar - "HUMBLE."
    Lil Uzi Vert - "XO Tour Llif3"
    Migos feat. Lil Uzi Vert - "Bad and Boujee"

    Rap/Sung Collaboration
    Charli XCX feat. Cupcakke - "Lipgloss"

    French Montana feat. Swae Lee & Mariah Carey - "Unforgettable"
    Jay-Z feat. Beyoncé - "Family Feud"
    Kendrick Lamar feat. Rihanna - "LOYALTY."
    SZA feat. Travis Scott - "Love Galore"

    Alternative Album
    Goldfrapp - Silver Eye
    MUNA - About U
    Paramore - After Laughter
    Perfume Genius - No Shape
    Susanne Sundfør - Music For People in Trouble
    The xx - I See You

    Dance Album
    Cashmere Cat - 9

    Kelly Lee Owens - Kelly Lee Owens
    Lydia Ainsworth - Darling of the Afterglow
    Marnie - Strange Words and Weird Wars
    Mura Masa - Mura Masa

    Dance Recording
    Avicii feat. Rita Ora - "Lonely Together"
    Calvin Harris feat. Pharrell, Katy Perry & Big Sean - "Feels"
    Cashmere Cat feat. Ariana Grande - "Quit"
    Danny L Harle - "1UL"
    Lydia Ainsworth - "The Road"
    Mura Masa feat. Charli XCX - "1 Night"

    Country Album
    Alison Krauss - Windy City
    Kacey Musgraves - A Very Kacey Christmas
    Little Big Town - The Breaker
    Miranda Lambert - The Weight of These Wings
    Shania Twain - Now!

    Country Song
    Kelsea Ballerini - "Legends"
    Little Big Town - "Better Man"
    Maren Morris - "I Could Use a Love Song"
    Miranda Lambert - "Tin Man"
    Shania Twain - "Life's About To Get Good"

    Music Video
    Dua Lipa - "New Rules"

    Katy Perry feat. Migos - "Bon Appetit"
    Kelly Clarkson - "Love So Soft"
    Kendrick Lamar - "HUMBLE."
    Kim Lip - "Eclipse"
    Lorde - "Green Light"
    Taylor Swift - "Look What You Made Me Do"

    Producer, Non-Classical
    A.G. Cook
    Greg Kurstin
    Jack Antonoff
    Mark Ronson

    Recording Package
    Kesha - Rainbow
    Lady Gaga - Joanne
    Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life
    Lorde - Melodrama
    SZA - ctrl


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  3. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I was just thinking about this! Hurrah! Ready for the Lorde domination.
  4. Oh.
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  5. Ddddd proofreading has never been a strong suit of mine. Ask any teacher I've ever had!
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  6. Nñn it's fine, shit happens.

    Mandatory question - is kpop eligible?
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  7. Considering that Eclipse by Kim Lip is the best song of all time and was released in this period, yes.
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  8. @Petty Mayonnaise by Alternative albums do you mean Alt-Pop albums like Lady Wood, CollXtion II or albums by artists like LCD Soundsystem, Gorillaz etc ?
  9. I'd say since Lana's in pop vocal, the majority of the alt pop girls would be too, but we can go over it on a case by case basis if there's specific questions about them. I'd put both of those ladies in pop vocal for sure.
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  10. Rina as well?

    Edit: Never mind it came out after September nñn
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    OH MY GOD the eligibility dates are going to kill me - poor Rina/Blue Lips
  12. [​IMG][​IMG]

  13. FYC for Record of the Year, Song of the Year and everything else they’re eligible for:

  14. Submitted. I'm sure others will do a great job at promoting English songs that I voted for so let me do a bit of K-Promo.

    These are the K-Pop records I voted for:

    Record of the Year and Pop Solo Performance:

    Best Pop Solo Performance:

    Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and Best Music Video:

    Pop Vocal Album:

    Best Music Video, Pop Solo Performance*:

    *My pop solo category had no place left so I didn't submit it there but it deserves to be in the category.
  15. No Best Improvised Jazz Solo?
    No Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance?
    No Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song!?!?!?

  16. Actually though it could be fun to also have Best Producer (ie Producer of the Year, Non-Classical) and Best Artwork (ie Best Recording Package). Those are two very PJ-friendly categories.
  17. I like it. It's in.
  18. i honestly might vote gashina for record of the year ddd
  19. That reminds me I should put TWICE in some of the categories.

    And so should y'all


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