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3rd Gen Girls: The Debut - TOP FOUR!!! (im not lying)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Serg., Dec 15, 2020.

  1. Here's how Pretty Savage can still win the rate
  2. Oh same. I even liked it, not realising that I was unliking it and had to like it again when I realised. Mess!!
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  3. [​IMG]
    heundeulheundeulheundeul Rollin’
    (bingbingbing) binggeulbinggeulbinggeul Rollin’
    heundeulheundeulheundeul Rollin’
    (bingbingbing) binggeulbinggeulbinggeul Rollin’

    AVERAGE: 8.577

    HIGHEST SCORES:10 (@FunkyButChic, @ysev, @Wills, @KimLippington, @Shockbox, @RUNAWAY, @Crisp X, @Pretty Places)
    LOWEST SCORES: 6 (@camden_italian, @Reboot, @An Insider)
    My score: 9.5

    You thought you've seen the last of me but I'm here woomp woomp! I was just waiting for a new page this whole time and you guys finally made it, you pushed it to a new page so I restored this excel sheet from recycling bin (not a lie nn). Anyways I kinda forgot about this rate ngl, it flopped a tad bit but I'm glad to be back for the last final push, after my exams are finished and the rain is pouring I can concentrate on this cause I'm home all the time.
    Just missing the Top 5 and falling at the last hurdle is TWICE's best placing b-side.. Rollin' it gave a great fight beating couple of very strong singles in the process. Rollin' was always the sole surviving as it was TWICE's rep in the forums K-SOTY rate back in the year album was released and it garnered praise. The song was a very different sound back then for TWICE and still stands out as one of the weirder more PC songs from the group, the production is weird but it's still giving what you expect for it to gave as a TWICE b-side, so it's very pop, it's very avant-garde, it's giving Cher with the autotuned parts, it's a complete package, while praising it I also can say it's not one of my personal favourites from the album, but I still adore it which is why I gave it such a high score, but it's like my 7th favourite from the album idk it might grow on me by the time I have to eliminate the next song in 6 months.. Many people might've changed their scores in the mean time as well.. We'll never know I guess. But anyways with this elimination TWICE is down to only their lead single of twicetagram, Likey to rep the group in the rate, how long will that stay?
    Shockbox opens the commentary giving the song full marks but still noting sus behaviour on Mark's flop app: 'The beat in this song is so good. But I can't help but think of the producer slagging the song of himself on Facebook every time this song comes on shuffle. He did it for the money apparently.' Well he got the money, we got the bawpp, so he can stay mad from his rented cave. our favourite commentator savilizabeths gives this high praise: 'Sometimes I forget just how good this is and that's a crime honestly. It's kind of a quirky, odd song and it just works so well. A track that I really need to remember to listen to outside of the album more often. If I did, it could very possibly grow to a 10' Well its only 0.5 off!!!

  4. Should have made top 5 over whatever the worst song is in the Top 5.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Oh boy (sumgyeojin nareul kkaeweo jullae)
    Oh boy (nunbushin nege nuneul tteul ttae)
    Oh boy (eojewan dareun sesangi dwae)
    Oh boy

    AVERAGE: 8.726

    HIGHEST SCORES: 11 (@eccentricsimply) 10 (@codecat, @ohdenny, @Cotton Park, @KimLippington, @Slice of Life, @Vixen, @ysev, @enjoy, @Remorque, @Cutlery)
    LOWEST SCORES: 6.5 (@Wills)
    My score: 8

    Nn, yeah this rate still exists, honestly I actually forgot for a second it does but then I accidently found my spreadsheet and I was like it's the season of giving and rates so what better to do than finish this rotten rate, that died long-long time ago! I guess the Top 5 deserves to be finished so I can finally put it to rest with Jesus! If anyone forgot (everyone did), the final five consisted of Likey, Navillera, Cool World, Lovesick Girls, well thats a top 4 now because Oh Boy just got eliminated and therefore the Big 4, with Mamamoo leaving the rate around 11 months ago have come to their last song each fighting for that crown, how cute..
    Not gonna lie as it wasn't obvious before I have lost all motivation I had for running this rate and I'm just finishing out of respect for the craft so I'm already sawri for the dry writeups I'm gonna serve as I'm trying to eliminate this one before I go to bed. Oh Boy is actually a really solid track, one of the most fun Red Velvet have to this day. It was always one of the standouts on The Red and in their discographies and a big fan favourite. With cute verses that lead into an explosive pop chorus with a cute 'Oh Boyyyyyy' post chorus moments, you know the girls would be gagged. And the Wendy bridge like that's the TEA we all want even 7 years later from the group. *Including* the high note of course. The lyrics were written by Ku Tae-woo of Jam Factory who are a famous music publishing establishment in S.Korea as everyone already knows and the song was produced by everyones fave SM employees LDN Noise, Herbie Crichlow, Jin Suk-Choi and Lauren Dyson who is the only one of the four to not have a wikipedia page, poor it!
    Despite the song reaching Top 5 we only have one comment on it, like woooah! even the flops had more stuff said about them, savilizabeths gives this high praise: 'I absolutely love this chorus as well as the fun production and harmonic flourishes in the mix. It's such a fun delight of a song. And those VOCALS on the bdrige!?!?!?! Holy shit!'

  6. The Top 4

  7. I'm so surprised at how well this song did, I didn't realise it was such a big favourite. I don't recall it placing that high in Red Velvet's own rate.
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  9. "Oh Boy!" was my ring tone for a while. My coworkers found it particularly amusing, not knowing the context.
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  10. fhsjd me neither
    I didn't expect my score to be so conspicuous, sorry Reveluvs! I really like the album, I do!!!
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  12. 1. Navillera
    = Cool World
    3. Lovesick Girls
    4. Likey
  13. I forgot this rate existed for absolutely months on end, and i voted. And my last 10 and 11 is still in. Happy with either Likey or Lovesick Girls to win.
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