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3rd Gen Girls: The Debut - WINNER REVEALED!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Serg., Dec 15, 2020.

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    I've had this rate in mind for a good year or two, but it's just couldn't be complete without Blackpink who failed to release a collection of songs for so long, but now that they've finally decided to do something, I thought it's right time to do this rate. So without further ado...
    Everybody, welcome to the first annual K-Hunger Games.
    This year on the menu we have 5 debut albums from the leading Girl Groups of the 3rd generation. Red Velvet's The Red, Blackpink's The Album, GFriend's LOL, Twice's twicetagram & Mamamoo's Melting. These albums and the groups have been on the top of their game for years and have been both heavily praised and criticized both on and off the forum, as Popjustice users are the most acclaimed music critics on Earth, it's time to put these albums through the test of time, let it be years or months (kii) and enjoy the mess that erupts.


    - There's a total of 56 songs in the rate, out of those 56 you may choose 1 and only 1 song that you like more than the others and award it 11 points. All other songs are on a scale of 1-10, with points like 0.25, 0.5 & 0.75 allowed, but everything else like 0,6286 is NOT.

    - Commentary is allowed, but really not required and I suggest you just farm likes yourself in the thread after each elimination that way we both get something out of it. However if you send commentary thats completely fine as well.

    - Troll voting is NOT allowed. I know you girls want to be messy and I do too! However, do NOT tank random songs by artist you don't like just because, try to be as objective as possible when scoring, if you don't like an album, I get it! But TRY...

    - Don't be rude to eachother, please girls!!! We're gonna kiki in the thread but I don't really want my thread to be locked! So
    behave x

    - Special shoutout to @junglefish for all the beautiful artwork you're gonna see throughout the rate! Thank you so much for helping me!!! ​

    - Most importantly,
    have fun!

  2. [​IMG]
    Red Velvet - The Red

    1. Dumb Dumb
    2. Huff n Puff
    3. Campfire
    4. Red Dress
    5. Oh Boy
    6. Lady's Room
    7. Time Slip
    8. Don't U Wait No More
    9. Day 1
    10. Cool World


    Mamamoo - Melting

    1. Taller Than You
    2. Words Don't Come Easy
    3. You're The Best
    4. Friday Night
    5. My Hometown
    6. Emotion
    7. I Miss You
    8. Funky Boy
    9. Recipe
    10. Cat Fight
    11. Just
    12. Girl Crush

    GFriend - LOL

    1. Intro
    2. Fall In Love
    3. Navillera
    4. LOL
    5. Distance
    6. Water Flower
    7. Mermaid
    8. Sunshine
    9. Compass
    10. Click
    11. Gone With The Wind

    TWICE - twicetagram

    1. Likey
    2. Turtle
    3. Missing U
    4. Wow
    5. FFW
    6. Ding Dong
    7. 24/7
    8. Look At Me
    9. Rollin
    10. Love Line
    11. Don't Give Up
    12. You're In My Heart
    13. Jaljayo Good Night
    14. Heartshaker
    15. Merry & Happy

    BLACKPINK - The Album

    1. How You Like That
    2. Ice Cream
    3. Pretty Savage
    4. Bet You Wanna
    5. Lovesick Girls
    6. Crazy Over You
    7. Love To Hate Me
    8. You Never Know

    Dumb Dumb -
    Huff n Puff -
    Campfire -
    Red Dress -
    Oh Boy -
    Lady's Room -
    Time Slip -
    Don't U Wait No More -
    Day 1 -
    Cool World -

    Taller Than You -
    Words Don't Come Easy -
    You're The Best -
    Friday Night -
    My Hometown -
    Emotion -
    I Miss You -
    Funky Boy -
    Recipe -
    Cat Fight -
    Just -
    Girl Crush -

    Intro -
    Fall In Love -
    Navillera -
    LOL -
    Distance -
    Water Flower -
    Mermaid -
    Sunshine -
    Compass -
    Click -
    Gone With The Wind -

    Likey -
    Turtle -
    Missing U -
    Wow -
    FFW -
    Ding Dong -
    24/7 -
    Look At Me -
    Rollin -
    Love Line -
    Don't Give Up -
    You're In My Heart -
    Jaljayo Good Night -
    Heartshaker -
    Merry & Happy -

    How You Like That -
    Ice Cream -
    Pretty Savage -
    Bet You Wanna -
    Lovesick Girls -
    Crazy Over You -
    Love To Hate Me -
    You Never Know -

    Apple Music

    - Send your scores until February 9th.
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  4. You may now post!!!

  5. Here to represent Twicetagram.

  6. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    I kinda stan You're the Best tbh fffffffff
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  7. Have you visited this site before?
  8. So... Turtle or Ice Cream? Which leaves first?
  9. This is going to be so messy nn. Big Pop Girls whemst?
  10. We have a whole Mamamoo and Red Velvet album in this rate and y'all are really talking about Turtle leaving first?

  11. You wrote this post as if you didn't see we're all gonna rate that fugly orange square of an album LOL!!

  12. This better be some kind of reverse psychology thing to get people to score those two songs higher...
  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Mamamoo's Taller Than You is literally a weapon of mass destruction and therefore deserves a negative average.
  14. You called?
  15. This is going to be tough. I’ve never heard the Mamamoo or Gfriend albums, and the other 3 are great (Twice is a bit average but it has a couple of moments on there).
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  16. OK.... I'm not rating anything right now so I should give this a go! I've never listened to any of these albums and these groups are not in my Apple Music library at all.
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  17. Cool World stanbase has arrived.

  18. Navillera low-key deserves to be the last title track standing but I don't think you're ready for that conversation.

  19. @Serg. finally launching her K-BPG brand. I'm here for this event to be as messy as possible.
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