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4AD Records - 30 years old today!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Former member 330, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. Oh MY Fucking God it did it again, the whole lot typed out and wham, PC shuts down! Jeeeeeeeeeeeeezuz wept.
    As it's obviously not my day I'll try and do this quickly without links before it does it a third time.

    In my humble, these lot constitute the best of UVS,

    Have a listen to these first
    Crash (there's 2 versions of this both are excellent)
    Mercy Seat (their most famous song)
    Mercy Seat 12" Version (wouldn't say this is better than the album version but it's still great)
    Poison (hidden gem on 2nd album)
    She Screamed

    And if you liked that lot here's some more.
    You Know It All (this wasn't on youtube when I looked, but it's essential imo)
    Not In Love (Hit By A Truck)
    The Whore Of God
    Hail Mary
    It Happens Every Time
    Three Stars
    Three Stars (★★★ Version)
    H Like In Heaven

    They were a great band, if all the best tracks had been put onto one album it would be a top 10 lp ever for me.

    There was a third album called Rev where he ditched the electronic element and went more rock, it's ok but never really clicked with me, it's probably worth checking out though.
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  2. Your dedication is appreciated!
  3. No probs Eric, I know next to nowt about most of 4aD but could probably cook a decent best of the Pale Saints if you need it.
  4. Ha, you read my mind! I was just looking at the Pale Saints discography on amazon and not having a clue where to start.

    As for UVS, I am about 4 songs into your selections and loved every single one thus far!
  5. Glad yer into the UVS, such a brill band, always think their stuff should be used in a film, it's got that sort of feel to it.

    I'll have a re-listen to some pale saints, and figure out an essentials list.
  6. Forgot to say,,,

    for buying UVS (in my opinion) the essentials are

    the first 2 albums. (self titled and "Joy 1967-1990")


    The Singles:
    She Screamed
    Mercy Seat
    Staring At The Sun
  7. First two UVS albums now ordered. It Happens Every Time pushed me over the edge. Got to have them now.
  8. Happens Every Time is fucking amazing, I'm gonna go listen to it now. You've sent me on a major UVS trip now Mr G.
  9. Ha. I gave a few Rev tracks a go, but I kind of agree with you on that score as well. I'll leave that album for now.
  10. Lot's of people love Rev so I'm sure there's hidden depths there, I'll give it another spin some time too.
  11. My 4AD odyssey continues....re-bought Pod, found a Lisa Gerrard and a Dead Can Dance in the used store today, and spent a mighty £1.27 on a rubbish-looking (design wise) 4AD comp called Forward 1980.
  12. 4AD update: found the first 2 Le Mysteres de Bulgarian Thingymajig CDs today! Plus, most of my other 4AD orders have come through now. That book still looks SO tempting........
  13. I just couldn't get on with those Bulgarian jobies, I liked the music but there was just something about the voices, almost like they hit some frequency that really set me on edge, most people seem to love em though so I think it's just me.
  14. Well, I'll find out soon enough! I'm almost picking up anything with 4AD on the case at the moment, haha.

    Coming soon in 2014...EG's great 4AD sell-off....
  15. Maleström

    Maleström Guest

    It's true their powerful singing technique is unlike anywhere else in the world -- but that's a part of their otherworldly charm!

    But in fact you're in the majority here; a flop thread a couple of years ago proved that only two people on PJ were interested in Bulgaria's finest (it was no use even reminding of the Kate Bush connection)...
  16. I expected to like em though, otherworldly vocal groups with powerful voices are right up my street, I love Värttinä who are comparable and enjoy the Georgian choirs I've heard like Rustavi and Basiani who also use unusual harmonies. I really wanted to like the Bulgarians!
  17. I keep finding random Dead Can Dance CDs in second-hand shops.....very strange!
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