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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Jawshx, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]
    From left to right members Jihyun, Jiyoon, Hyuna, Gayoon and Sohyun

    4Minute are a 5 member South Korean girl group that formed in 2009. Like 2NE1, they pretty much perfect the electropop/ fierce image/sound. Member Hyuna's Bubble Pop! even got featured as song of the day on PJ. Only a K-pop Legend, your favs could never etc.

    Korean Discography

    Studio Albums

    2011: 4minutes Left

    2009: For Muzik
    2010: Hit Your Heart
    2011: Heart to Heart

    Digital Singles

    2009: Hot Issue
    2009: Jingle Jingle
    2010: Superstar

    Japanese Discography

    Studio Albums

    2010: Diamond

    Single Albums

    2010: Muzik
    2010: I My Me Mine
    2010: First/Dreams Come True
    2011: Why
    2011: Heart to Heart

    Collaboration/Featuring Singles

    2011: Without U - Thelma Aoyama feat.4Minute

    4Minute Singles

    Hot Issue
    What a Girl Wants
    I My Me Mine
    Heart to Heart
    Mirror Mirror


    Bubble Pop!

  2. First!

    I mean, for some reason unknown, that's my favorite track by 4Minute.
  3. Their first two mini-albums are absolutely flawless and make me like them more than 2NE1.

    But this 'lets go cutesy for a bit' pissed me the hell off. Then we got Mirro, Mirror and all was forgiven.
  4. Gayoon Groupie here.
    Keisha ex Sugababes wishes she could throw death stares and dirty looks as effortless as this Korean queen
    Bow down!

    Huh is the greatest K-pop song ever.
  5. There we go. Anything to add?~
  6. So the idea is, if an artist is doin solo e.g. Hyuna Bubble Pop we comment in the 4minute etc? I guess we should kpoppers.
  7. ^ That's the idea, I think. Just so we don't get a load of dead threads, really.
  8. hardcore kpoppers will be all over these threads. Hate or love it.
  9. I'm in love with Mirror Mirror.. Gayoon and HyunA are my favourites.
  10. The album is really disappointing especially since I loved the mini albums as well.

    Though I will agree with all the Mirror Mirror love!
  11. Heart to Heart the song has literally only clicked with me in the last 2 weeks. To the extent I started to find the guy in the video (CNBLUE member) hot.
  12. 4minute = Ultimate bias!! I really hope they comeback soon.. forget Japan and your Japanese remakes :P I really hoped the Get It Down/Kiss 'N Tell teasers were real still :P
  13. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    I always look forward to their comebacks and singles.
  14. The new mini-album really let me down. I can't stand any of the songs, especially Heart to Heart.
    HyunA, though, released an amazing mini-album.
  15. 4Minute washing their car is the first video I watched today. At first I thought they were washing it using champagne.
  16. The Japanese "HEART TO HEART" single and their "EMERALD OF 4MINUtE" DVD have been postponed a few weeks, and will now be coming out on September 9th.

    Also, I'm wondering if the title of this thread should include Hyuna; "Bubble Pop!" being Song of the Day last week seems to have been what spurred a lot of the lurkers to want to check out kpop, and may have inadvertently caused this new section of the forum to be made. Just a thought.
  17. Jawshx, can you name the girls under the photo please. It will help out the new fans (and old fans who knows the group as Hyuna and "the others")

  18. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Emerald of 4Minute? And their debut Japanese album is called Diamond.
  19. Sure~ But erm.. this is sort of embarassing but *I* don't know all the members.. even though I'm a huge 4Minute stan *bows head down in shame* This will help me, too! haha

    So anyone willing to name them for me in the first pic, left to right? Would also help for the T-ara thread.. I *think* I can manage SNSD, haha. Either PM me or just post it here.
  20. I think it's Jihyun, Jiyoon, Hyuna, Gayoon, Sohyun? I'm gonna be really embarrassed if I mixed them up, ha.

    Edit: I should've written "Yoona, Qri, Boram, Hara, Bom", missed the perfect opportunity to troll.
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