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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Jawshx, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I love the song up until the chorus, they seem to have a lot of mismatch sounds in one song lately. Their performances have been incredible though.
  2. I really don't like Hate but Canvas is life-changing.
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  3. I love Hate but I can understand why people don't like it.
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  4. Why people hate this? I've been reading about it! Mainly the koreans not liking it.
    I think its totally different and surprising. I mean the bridge it's quite an exciting moment, it’s like a massive rush and then suddenly BAM!!! the banging chorus pops in, totally changing the sound and direction of the song and injecting that surprise badass attitude beats in your face.

    The second half bridge if you listen closely is much more intense in my opinion, or maybe it’s Gayoon's vocals that picks up that part to another level and then final BAM!! To Kill IT!

    I just love this man!! Love the direction that they are going, this is what I wanted from A.KOR too and this is probably what I look for in a girlband from English speaking markets!
  5. Was anybody aware about this comedy skit between Rita Ora and Hyuna? I would have never imagined to see these two together!

  6. He


    I saw it a long time ago. Very random but I find Hyuna's mocking of Rita rather funny.

    She looks miniscule, though.
  7. Yeah she does looks short even though she is wearing heels!
    For me this was a total surprise, I mean I've rarely seen Korean acts interacting with english speaking artist and I love it when they do!
    It would be cool to see more korean acts do this type of things, its fun to watch and see how their english is and spread acceptance of kpop around the world! that sometimes people feel cringy about!
    Last and not for least, WORLD PEACE!
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  8. He


    I'm guessing this was around the Gangnam Style craze?
  9. Have you ever seen this?

  10. Há!! That was so fun!! These people from funny or die should really like Kpop!! I wish they could do more!! Like really they got me eager for more!
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  11. No Love.
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  12. I really liked Amber in that clip.
  13. I wish Hyuna had bigger hair in the Rita Ora thing. I hated her North Korean housewife cut circa What Are You Doing Today?
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  14. The only worthy song on this worthless mini.
  15. Canvas and Hate say hi.

  16. Reviving this thread to say goodbye.
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  17. Please don't tell me they're disbanding!!
    They brought something really different to K Pop.
    Shame on the Korean public for not supporting them.
    At least they left with a bang.
  18. I don't get it though. Wasn't "What's Your Name" an absolute smash?
  19. It was, and Crazy was also very popular. I don't think they quit because they didn't have success, I think it was mainly the members deciding to go their own ways instead of renewing their contracts with Cube, which honestly is a good move because wasn't Cube the only major Korean label to have negative returns last year?

    I wish they had re-negotiated with another label if that was the case, though. BEG left NEGA and all signed together with Mystic89 and they have a lot of say in what they do...
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  20. A record label should see the potential in the holy trinity of Queen Gayoon, Jiyoon and Sohyun.
    Prays to Shinsadong (God of Kpop) Tiger for assistance
    Hyuna can do Hyuna and the other one can do whatever she likes.
    I love Queen Gayoons voice and beauty. I really hope those three can continue in the industry somehow.
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