4th Gen Girl Group Singles Rate:#56!

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Craxy - Aria
Overall Score: 6,083333333
Highs: @Ana Raquel, @Salami (10 points), @thommyh (9 points)
Lows: @Glitterizer (1 point), @lovechoerrymotion (2 points), @eccentricsimply (3 points)
My Score: 6,5 points

The last eliminations were not kind to @Salami and here goes another of his 10. This is Craxy's debut single, Aria. Craxy is a girl group under SAI Entertainment and apparently their previous stage name was Wish Girls dd. Aria is their debut single that has been released March 3rd of 2020 with their full length album My Universe. Honestly, wig at debuting with a full album eventhough it is full of remastered versions of their ealier songs (I think at least, idk dd) and instrumentals. It is the vision that couts, OK!??? They consist of 5 members: Wooah, Karin, Hyejin, Swan and ChaeY.

I'm... honestly whelmed by this song. Out of all the songs we have rated, this is the only one that did not left an impression to me, i'm sorry. Nothing sucks majorly, but everytime i play this song, i find myself going through motions. Other than the members charisma, nothing stands out. I think at a push, i can appreciate that it is a song. I don't know, this write up will be brief dd.

Craxy followed My Universe with the mini albums Zero 2 and Who Am I and a couple single albums. Right now, they are gearing up for a comeback called, Nugudom (Position)! Finally a group decided to use being nugu to this level. They are trailblazers! They even went and deleted all of the video content on their Youtube channel. Like the commitment is something else.

@savilizabeths (5,25) shares the sentiment i have towards the song for the most part: " I genuinely have no idea how to feel about this. I enjoy parts of it and tune out others. I can’t tell if it works but I admire what it’s doing. I must say that I do not enjoy the rapping." Yeah i will say, the rapper girlie Wooah definitely has the it factor. But thankfully, the girls have a new fan in @Salami (10) and may escape the Nugudom: "This is a lot of noisy fun. Awful group name. And the comments on youtube said they deleted all their videos and split up or something which is a shame because I like this." It is a nugu girl group doing girl crush so of course @thommyh (9) stans: "Hey Power yeah MOVE you got ara yeah YAS me, Go WOOOo~ we’re Craxy!” It was a certified camp classic!" You know what, after feeling like cursed for my dislike of Hit Ya!, i'm gonna close my mouth and let the credits roll.



Secret Number - Who Dis?
Average Score: 6,291666667
High Scorers: @thommyh (9 points), @junglefish (8 points), @ohdenny (7,75 points), @eatyourself (7,25 points)
Hello?...HELLO???: @Attis (3 points) @lovechoerrymotion (4 points), @eccentricsimply (4,5 points)
My Score: 7,5 points
Well, at number 64 here goes Who Dis?, Secret Number's only entry in this rate. While it didn't get any extreme low points, it also failed to get 10s so its fate was kind of doomed throughout the voting process.

Secret Number is a girl group under the Vine Entertainment that debuted with 5 members: Lea, Dita, Jinny, Denise and Soodam. They debuted with Who Dis? in 2020 and two new members named Zuu and Minji joined the group in 2021 while Denise left the group in 2022.
While talking about the origins of the groups name, members said: "Everyone has a secret number (for a password or PIN code) , which is usually a birthday, annisvrary, or some other special number. We want to hold such special meaning in public. Our logo is designed like a password box with five stars, representing the five of us." This kind of gives a potential for the group to full on unleash more intricate and trite lore staff, so i'm scared girls.

While the girls are definitely Nugu, i think they did better than their fellow ggs. The group has a decent following in Indonesia (Probably because Dita is Indonesian. She was also the brand ambassador for global cosmetic brand Nacific Indonesia) and debuted in Japan. Their latest comeback Doomchita, got the number one spot on Bugs which i don't how relevant it is, but it feels like something.

Regarding the song, i feel like i actually underscored it a bit. This one really grew on me upon listening. While it would be easy to put them under "girl crush" umbrella, i think this song has a little bit of 2nd gen flavor. Like it low key gives AOA. It might be the horns and more vocal heavy approach probably. I also love, love the video for it. The girls look like absolute stars and they feel at home and the song suits them. Just compare this to Hit Ya!, and i think the difference is very stark. Also that post chorus kinda goes off and you all know i don't lie about that.

Secret Number followed Who Dis with a decent amount of content. Right now, they are gearing up for their Japanese mini album that will be released in April 23.

Very little commentary is made about Who Dis? sadly. @Attis is disappointed with Dita: "Dita sis we may come from same country but idc this shit stinks" meanwhile @savilizabeths (5) questions herself: "Why don’t I enjoy Secret Number? I just don’t get it. This might be the best song I’ve heard from them though, it’s better than Fire Saturday for sure!" I mean bestie that is for sure dd. Maybe it will grow on you with time as well, idk!