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5,6,7,RATE! the Steps Discography Rate: WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Lost In Japan., Feb 4, 2018.

  1. yeah... I kinda like Dear Santa too.
    Out of the 5 additional tracks we got from the 2nd release, I rated two songs less than I did Dear Santa...
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  2. Another song I'm happy to say goodbye to.

  3. #73
    Too Weak to Resist

    Average Score: 3.788
    Highest Score:
    8x2 (@JamieHT, @stomp)
    Lowest Score: 0x5 (@Angeleyes, @DJHazey, @TheBakersSon, @Empty Shoebox, @Sideout)

    I’ll chuck one more for now, and it’s one a lot of you have been calling for to leave. Poor H, as his other Step One-era solo gets the chop. Putting these two next to each other on the tracklist was a choice, not just for the painful double whammy of H solos but for the storyline that sees H going from losing his virginity to cheating on his partner in the space of two songs. This was also the b-side to One For Sorrow, because what better way to highlight the brilliance of an entirely Claire-led song than with the exact opposite: an awful H-led song. This song was one of two with performances on the iconic Steps: The Video release (which, most importantly, gave us all the recipe for Pasta a la Clara).

    That video did not go unnoticed by many of you, like GhettoPrincess (4) who said “don’t actually mind the chorus here, it also reminds me of that VHS music video they did for it. MEMORIES! Too H heavy for me to enjoy though”. JMRGBY88 (6) felt bad for poor Lee: “Steps: The Video has an interlude before they ‘perform’ this where they say “there’s even a couple of songs where the boys sing!” and you see Lee try to act like he has some blocals when in fact H just gets two solo ballads in a row. Too Weak To Resist is cute but let’s face it, it would have been better sung by anybody else. Also, watch literally anybody else during the ‘performance’ of it and you’ll see them desperately either trying to keep laughter back or wishing they were doing anything else.” Hybridcookie (7) also enjoyed the breaking going on in that performance: “Despite the subject matter, I like it. And I do love the video on the Step One video of them barely keeping a straight face”.

    HollyDunnSomething-Montrese (1) called this “so so dated” and added “I don't enjoy the vocals on this. Oh at all”, while mrdonut adds “I don’t think I’ve ever managed to get to the end of this saccharine dullfest”. TrueBeliever said it was “a boring song that goes on too long. Slightly interesting that it’s written by Pete Waterman and contains the line “the last thing on my mind”. Weak middle 8.”

    Expectedly, this one received quite a few comparisons to our first cut. TheBakersSon (0) said it was “just as bad, if not worse than Track 7”. Angeleyes (0) gave it “one less point than "Experienced". Both are bad, but this has the cardinal sin of being bad and boring. Putting two H solos back to back (and having this as the b-side to one of their best singles) was a choice. A wrong one”. Iggypig (3) says “really H, two mid-tempos in a row, fuck off. Oh, and you sing the first chorus far too low”. CasperFan (5.5) agreed that “two H-led songs in a row is a bit much-and this is the lowest point on the album-just ok”. DJHazey (0) was “not really here for this kind of song anyway, but the lyrics are about as bad as the infamous Track 7”. Fantasy (3) thought that “this is lucky that it gets a few points simply because of its placing on the Step One tracklist. After listening to Track 7, this sounds so much better in comparison. However, when listening to it on its own you realise that it’s total filler”.

    A lot of you also had problems with the lyrical content, and message, of this song. OspreyQueen (2.25) "was gonna give this a 3, but I had to knock off 0.75 just for “I’m just a man” being used as an excuse for infidelity”. One Stop Candy Shop (0.5) is right there with you: “I hate-hate-hate songs from the cheater's perspective. You won't get any sympathy from me”. JakeMagnus (3) was taken aback: “holy shit, didn't remember this one. Oh H, you fuck around because after all you're just a man, that's fine then. This is just as bad as Track 7 and the one from Steptacular. And that it follows the former on the tracklist really takes the cake…”

    Of the high scorers, only JamieHT (8) left commentary: “I really like this song, I like the melody and the lyrics, but what I really like are the backing vocals which are great fun to sing along to”. Just for you, here are two (!!) performances (!!!!) of this song (including one on national television ?!?!!), so sing along to your heart’s content.

  4. Sad that it’s out so early. Oh well at least it’s not one of my faves (tens) which I also think might go soon.
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  5. Yeah that's the lyrics I was referring to, thinking he can't be blamed for his actions because he's a man. Like, who are you?
  6. Goodbye and good riddance.
  7. Too Weak to Resist is decent, well written, and harmless. Just suffers from H's awful diction and being not-very exciting. Words of Wisdom is probably next but it really deserves to outlast a couple of others.
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  8. OMG I totally forgot about the video! I had it and it was amazing! What a time to be alive. I would have fast-forwarded Too Weak To Resist, of that I have no doubt.
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  9. At least too weak to resist has a decent melody - how the likes of mars and Venus are above this??
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  10. "Sometimes I drive you crazy. Sometimes you wanna change me.."


    Also, this will sound weird and I agree it totally makes no sense but something about it reminds me of Delta's "God Laughs" melodically and just with its overall soundscape and I love that song big time.
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  11. This is going swimmingly.

    If we can get My Best Friend's Girl out next that'd be great.
  12. I vote Wouldn't Hurt So Bad which sucks so bad.
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  13. Wouldn't Hurt So Bad wouldn't sound so bad if it wasn't on Buzz. It's like a Step One track snuck it's way onto it.
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  14. Looks like @DJHazey and I are actually in agreement this time - I love Mars & Venus.

    In fact, I love all the bonus tracks on Buzz. The only total clunker for me on the album is Learn to Love Again and Better the Devil You Know.

    I don’t even dislike H, but they seriously gave him some shit songs over the years. The only all male lead vocal song I like from an album would be Space Between Us.
  15. I really disliked too weak to resist at first , I think the videos of it didn’t help but my god it’s catchy and I’ve learned to actually like it , unfortunately this happened way after I voted lol .
  16. Holly Dunn Something-Montrese, I am cackling.
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  17. Too Weak is - as some of you have mentioned - actually pretty decent with its melody and production. But the lyrics are terrible and in comparison to their other songs it‘s just not good enough.

    But the worst is yet to come. Next I hope.
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  18. So I’ve never seen one of these rates before. Do we get just a few every day? X
  19. The pace is up to the rate host but this is moving along brilliantly so far!
  20. I'd be okay with any of these vacating immediately.
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