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5,6,7,RATE! the Steps Discography Rate: WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Lost In Japan., Feb 4, 2018.

  1. 937524B1-A145-4D7C-8C00-F0CEA66F3B06.gif This has got off to a great start and I’m loving the write ups @Lost In Japan.
  2. I think it’s love I gave a 10 , I’m not Andrew btw lol
  3. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I'm so happy this has started, fab work so far @Lost In Japan. Nothing of value was lost as of yet, these Christmas songs can go asap though!
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  4. I can’t wait to see more. @Lost In Japan. what was the final number of people voting?
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  5. I agree. Great hosting all around, @Lost In Japan. Thanks.
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  6. Even though I rated them all, I didn’t count them and am surprised there are seventy-five. Aren’t we lucky, as Steps fans, when some bands don’t get past album one that we have so many songs to listen to - even if we don’t love them all.
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  7. I actually don't think Too Weak To Resist is that bad tbh, the melody is certainly pleasant. It's just a shame that H and his smarmy voice ruin it.
  8. This is the first rate I've participated in, and it's so much fun and I'm loving the write-ups.

    I feel like I'm going to be the high scorer for Learn To Love Again
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  9. 60!
  10. #72
    My Best Friend’s Girl

    Average Score: 3.842
    Highest Score:
    9x2 (@iheartpoptarts, @Remorque)
    Lowest Score: 0x7 (@SuperNerd, @AllTheUsernames, @Stepsmatt, @Mina, @Sideout, @JamieHT, @Lucas)

    After a string of cuts from the Step One era, it’s time to move forward to Steptacular and H just can’t catch a break! The Steptacular equivalent to ‘Experienced’ and ‘Too Weak to Resist’, this one has never been quite as offensive to me as those but it is still not one that I will ever revisit for replays. Much like the pairing of ‘One For Sorrow’ and ‘Too Weak to Resist’ as A and B side, this was first released as the B-side for ‘After the Love Has Gone’ and, once again, there was absolutely no doubt amongst the Popjustice voters as to which of the tracks was superior.

    One of the first things I noticed about this when re-listening for the rate is how much the production is, eh-hem, “inspired” by a certain #1 single the band had earlier that year. And I wasn’t alone: HollyDunnSomething (3.5) thought this one was “slightly better than Experienced/Too Weak To Resist but that Tragedy sounding instrumentation is a no from me”. Don’t worry, JMRGBY88 (4), you’re not going crazy: call me odd but the instrumental to this gives me a Tragedy vibe? That’s the only reason for it’s score from me – giving this track to H over Lee (who received no blocals on Steptacular bar the odd line in Say You’ll Be Mine) was criminal”. And Seanie (4) deemed this “slightly less cringeworthy than Track Seven. Sounds like it was produced the same day they did Tragedy, it has all the same bells and whistles”. Shout out to TrueBeliever (4) for coming up with the perfect description of this song: “It’s almost like “Tragedy” and “Experienced” had a love child. It’s a perfectly hummable song, but it’s unequivocally dire”. Looking back, it’s actually odd that the only Steps songs that shamelessly ripped off Tragedy were this and the WIP Remix of Too Busy Thinking About My Baby (?!) given how much of a smash it was.

    Meanwhile Angeleyes (1) heard another reference point: "The only thing notable about this is that jarring sound from "Summer Night City" is mixed in here. Other than that, this is basically a less entertaining "Experienced." Shame they had to cheapen the "After the Love Has Gone" single by making this its b-side”. As did Fantasy (3): “my first thought was that surely this samples Can You Feel It? It’s a bit unmemorable for me”. The Can You Feel It? connection makes sense given what AlmostFamous (3) pointed out: “they’d already ripped off The Tamperer with Tragedy and doing it so shamelessly again was...a choice”. mrdonut (6) was there too: “WHAT SHE GONNA LOOK LIKE WITH A CHIMNEY ON HERRR”. [Sidenote: how did they get away with how shameless a rip off of Feel It both Tragedy and this are??]

    Not everyone hated this song - KingBruno (8.5) was our high scorer and is “bopping to this well-produced H solo”. And OspreyQueen (7) needed to stress that their rating “isn’t a troll rating, I actually quite like this one”.

    The lyrics/subject of the song also got their fair share of eye rolls from the voters. One Stop Candy Shop (4) said “H falling in love with his best friend's girl? Sure, Jan. The instrumental is nice because it's Tragedy”. CasperFan (5) was also disbelieving: “hmmm H falling for his best friend’s girl-yeah right. Another Shameless “borrowing” from another song-not much of a chorus really-not even a key change can save it”. Iggypig (6) said this was “an actual OK H song, even if the idea of a women cheating on her boyfriend with H seems even more laughable than him shagging an old bird”. Looking back it’s actually quite sad thinking about H having to sing songs like this back in the day while closeted. A Dannii moment of ‘you didn’t need to change the gender references’, huh?

    JamieHT (0) said that “H’s voice sounds good on it, so I’m not sure if it’s the lyrics or production that put me off, but I don’t like it”. GhettoPrincess (3), though, said “H’s voice seriously bores me. It’s also very unpleasant, poor Lee having to take a backseat to him”. Hybridcookie (4) called this “the sequel to Track 7 for me”. DJHazey (3) “was skeptical about this one considering the title and thankfully it’s not sonically exciting either”. We'll finish with JakeMagnus (0.5) who said “Not only did he touch his best friend's girl, but my ears would like word as well. The song is boring as fuck, but.. the lyrics! Oh my god! Imagine having to sing this. If I was H I would have handed out letters right there and then. This is certainly up there with all the worst pop songs of all time”.
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  12. Mvnl

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    Surely if any song rips off Feel It it's the break in One For Sorrow?

    This song definitely did it as well, but I always quite enjoyed it for it, regardless of H and the lyrics
  13. RIP the only H solo I can stomach. Learn to Love Again deserved the chop first if you ask me.
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  14. Wow. That’s amazing.

    Can’t complain too much so far as my two zeroes are out already.
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  15. I feel like @Lost In Japan. will be receiving a number of users’ therapy bills in the course of this rate...
  16. This is going perfectly other than losing my first 10, but that one was expected.
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  17. I first saw the outfits on the cover and thought maybe y'all had done After the Love Has Gone really wrong, but then I saw... the faces.

    Which means another perfect elimination. Really, it's the only song on Steptacular I always skip, even though there are a few others that I find less than stellar.
  18. @Lost In Japan., my votes didn't happen to get lost, did they? No complaints here whatsoever, because it's all been flawless and I love this, but I'm suddenly wondering and I just wanted to make sure sooner rather than later...

    (Because I gave that last one a 9. Nobody throw stuff at me.)
  19. I just missed the 9 when scrolling past the scores on the spreadsheet, sorry! The scores have all been included.
  20. Yay! That's exactly what I was hoping, all is good, thank you!
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