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5,6,7,RATE! the Steps Discography Rate: WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Lost In Japan., Feb 4, 2018.

  1. I always expect this to be a ballad from the title. Well, a ballad couldn't have been much worse.
  2. YES to a Queen D(annii) reference already in this rate. It is a fair point about the lyric subject, much as people have/had their opinions on H’s share of the limelight, it can’t have been great for him singing those songs about females. Must have been deemed pretty reductive when everyone around them knew the score.
  3. This rate should so be a podcast/radio show with a different guest forum member each episode.

    I’m definitely going to make a playlist on iTunes of the seventy-five in order once it’s finished so I can listen to the songs in order of (alleged*) brilliance.

    *Alleged only because I’m not going to agree one hundred percent. Actually, I might make one based on my ratings too.
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  4. Is this the period of time when H was quietly dating Steps’ manager? Because if so that somehow makes it worse that he was being simultaneously forced to record this tripe.
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  5. I do wonder if these songs would have been so bad had Lee been given the opportunity to have a go at them, even the odd verse. Poor guy.
    I can’t believe that Too Weak To Resist was performed on TV when they could have done Love U More instead... seems a baffling choice to me.
  6. Baby Don't Dance bopped into my ears this morning - it was a happy few minutes padding around Morrisons getting muh breakfast.
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  7. This is going excellent so far. Steps fans serving great taste as always.
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  8. That cover art deserves awards for how horrific and scary it is. Well done @Lost In Japan.
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  9. Exclusive footage of me and my laptop after listening to Experienced and Too Weak To Resist

  10. Why wasn't Lee given the opportunity to sing more?
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  11. I always wonder this now especially given that we know he actually has a decent voice. I prefer his tone to H's and feel these three songs that have been eliminated would have worked better with Lee singing them. I guess it was the old manager "situation" again...
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  12. It is a great mystery. Maybe Lee was reticent about it. Even on Turn Around he only gets one verse and he wrote it (it does work really well as a duet though). On the next album, maybe we could have Lee/Faye duet as a single but I won’t hold my breath.
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  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    I now imagine in-group dares like 'whoever dares recording track 7 gets the solos from now on'.
  14. Uno


    Didn't find the time to rate, unfortunately. Love love love Tears on the Dancefloor (best album of 2017) but there was just so much material that was... not good on the first two albums that the one moment I did have the time to rate, I just wasn't in the mood to sit through a lot of those songs.

    I'll definitely be following along though!
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  15. Must admit the first 2 albums were a lot weaker than I remembered them, amazing singles but a lot of filler, and a bit of a slog to sit through in 2018 but Buzz and Tears On The Dancefloor are brilliant. I also discovered a couple of amazing bops among the extras. Which was nice.
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  16. What'll be the first single to drop? Words Are Not Enough?
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  17. Are we counting Light Up The World as a single?
  18. I keep forgetting about it, but I wouldn't mind seeing Dancing Queen go very soon.

    I know it gave us the iconic "Faye ...or me?" moment. But that's all it gave us.
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  19. That makes it worthy of top 50 teebs.
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  20. In that old documentary that was posted in the Steps thread a few days ago Pete Waterman gives the impression that Lee just wasn't a very good singer. The girls in the band mention that "our boys can sing!" and mention they have songs on the albums. It comes up about why Lee doesn't sing and Pete goes on a twatty tirade. Saying that just because they are in the band it doesn't mean they are going to sing on a song he has written/produced. If he's written/produced a great song he's not going to ruin it by putting someone with a shit voice on it. Which is bizarre considering the amount of shit H songs we have just tossed in the trash. It all seemed very shady and all only directed at Lee which is just really horrible.

    To my ears Lee's voice is a whole lot more pleasant to listen to than H's. I expect there was whispering in Pete's ear about how great a singer H was and that he should get the solos. I really love a whole lot of PWL/Stock/Aitken/Waterman stuff but Pete really is an asshole and doesn't really know shit about music. He's not a song writer either. Lee's voice really could have added a nice dynamic to a lot of the album tracks and even a few singles. As the new album and tour has proved. On tour Lee sounded great and H often sounded thin and reedy vocally. He was very strained.
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