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5,6,7,RATE! the Steps Discography Rate: WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Lost In Japan., Feb 4, 2018.

  1. I can't really hear I have a dream as much as I can hear Good Morning Baltimore.

    Once that was pointed out to me, I couldn't un-hear it.
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  2. Fuck.
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  3. #16

    Average Score: 8.446
    Highest Score:
    11 (@OspreyQueen), 10x18 (@Adora Day, @GhettoPrincess, @2014, @JamieHT, @idratherjack, @WhipperSnapper, @stomp, @SuperNerd, @Conan, @TheBakersSon, @Empty Shoebox, @Lucas, @Sideout, @KingBruno, @TrueBeliever, @Remorque, @mrdonut, @baxterclan)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@Sweet Music)

    It’s been a while since we lost ‘Heartbeat’, and it’s time to say goodbye to another number one single. ‘Stomp’ was released in 2000 as the third (and lead) single from Buzz. It is a disco-inspired song which is “a tribute to” ‘Everybody Dance’ by Liberty XChic, using the riff from that song and paraphrasing the chorus. The video is peak iconic Lisa in her blue hair and braces period, with Lee rocking some verrrrry early-2000s spiky hair. It’s definitely not my favourite Steps single (probably my least favourite from Buzz, actually) but I still love it whenever it comes on - and doing this write-up has got it firmly lodged in my head. The intro to the WIP Mix (used for the interlude on the Gold Tour) is also incredible.

    JakeMagnus (8) said that “Party on the Dancefloor has rekindled my love for this quite a bit. Back then it was a solid single choice - but it's still baffling though that this is their second (third) number one out of all the singles they released that would probably have deserved it far more than this. But still.. nice disco track and a welcome addition to the discography. The spoken part in the video is hilariously bad and WHERE'S THE BOOZE for this very boring party? (Love Claire in the car though.)” DJHazey (9) was “loving these disco-inspired tunes. Choosing to be inspired by "Everybody Dance" by Chic was a great way to win me over too”. CasperFan (9) said it was “a bop-basically a reworking of Everybody Dance – glad they managed a second number 1!” Hudweiser (8) called it a “disco-tastic Friday-night essential” but iheartpoptarts (5) felt that it went “a little overboard on the whole disco thing to the point where I kind of don’t love it”.

    Iggypig (7) said it “always slightly pisses me off that this got to number 1 over more deserving singles, but I can't deny, it is a great pop song”. This was a common thread in the commentary, with tylerc904 (7) saying that it is “not worthy of being their only other #1 (though, neither are Tragedy and Heartbeat honestly) but a harmless bop nonetheless. I love how Lisa looks like she is being interviewed on the chair during her solos in the vid”. Seanie (8) said “of all their singles to go to #1. Thankfully, Steve breathed some life into it on the recent tour, but it’s never been a single I go back to often. I think I resent it being #1 over about 10 of their other hits”. Fantasy (9) adds “I still find it weird that this is one of their two #1's, because they have so many songs that deserved it more. Regardless, it is still brilliant. It’s such a feel-good song and I love the disco vibe”. Chips111 (8.5) said “I think its easy to say that Stomp was one of the luckiest Steps singles ever. I think it was U2’s Beautiful Day that it replaced at the top of the chart, but with so many other Steps’ singles being catchier, poppier and generally better than Stomp, the “almost weres” could be envious of Stomp”.

    HollyDunnSomething (9.25) says this “wasn’t favourite of mine for a long time but it's really grown on me”. Angeleyes (9) was similar: “I'm starting to notice a pattern with my commentary - there were a lot of songs that were only 'okay' to me at first, but I eventually grew to love. This was one of them. I used to think this one fell kind of flat, but I 'get it' now. The disco sample in there really livens it up”. The tour helpd confess85 (7) enjoy it more: they were “not a massive favourite however the Party tour version was incredible. I love Lisa's acting in the video”. JMRGBY88 (5) says that “live, this goes off and I’m right there in the moment. Do I ever listen to their second #1 single at any other time? No. I always noticed Lee not miming the chorus in the video and something felt off to me at the time. Cut to Steps reunion and his reasoning behind it makes sense. Also another random H part that felt chucked in. It’s basic”.

    Hybridcookie (8) thought there were “some interesting looks in the video - especially Lee's 'stuck his finger in a light socket' hair. I like the H&Claire middle 8”. One Stop Candy Shop (9.5) agrees: “their looks were questionable but the disco realness was there. I still love it”. AlmostFamous (8) “definitely the weakest of their album launch singles, it’s great but they could/should have gone a bit harder with this to get another “party classic” in their cannon instead of playing it so safe. It still feels iconic for weekend references, millennium fashion and Lisa’s blue hair and braces though”.

    Weslicious (6) got shady, calling this” a great S Club song…”, but TrueBeliever (10) thinks “this is probably the most maligned and undervalued song by the fandom. I wholeheartedly think it 100% deserved its #1 placement. I love this funky discotheque floor filler, and I’m very happy to see it received a bit of a boost and revival on the tour. Faye’s vocals slay me here”. mrdonut (10) has “SO many glorious memories of dancing to this in dingy provincial gay clubs. The bridge is exceptional, a true work of (pop) art”. Funky dory, baby. GhettoPrincess (10) says “what a bop! Love the verses and the chorus, the middle 8? Not so much. Good vocal distribution though. Also laughing at Lee refusing to mime to the chorus”. JamieHT (10) Remember when I said I was disappointed when I heard After The Love Has Gone for the first time, well the exact opposite was true when I heard Stomp for the first time. I wasn’t expecting it and it was a different sound for them (yes it sounds like Everybody Dance). I love the dance and pretty much everything about it. A contender for my eleven. KingBruno (10) thinks that “the gigantic, mechanical-like production (that has a sampled orchestral riff from “Everbody Dance” by Chic) makes this a powerful funk anthem”. Empty Shoebox (10) says “now, this is a banger. It has every component to be one and they haven't messed up the delivery”. And giving this their 11, OspreyQueen (11) says “I don’t like to use the word euphoric all too much, but this song really is that. I can’t think of many other songs that just make me feel so GOOD. Every single second and every little detail in the production is perfect. I could listen to it forever”.

  4. Haha!! The cans of ASDA coke everywhere. It would've been amazing if there'd been a random shot of un-snorted lines on a table.
  5. Another one of their best for me
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  6. Does anyone have The Gif

    You know exactly which one I’m talking about
  7. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    NOOOOOOOOOO y'all Stomp is amazing!
  8. These two coming in succession works brilliantly for my commentary. Thanks everyone haha.
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  9. Lee's Buzz hair is offensive.

    Lisa's however is iconic.
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  10. I guess it's subjective because while #16 doesn't sound great, an average of 8.446 is great for a song as (seemingly) polarising as this.
  11. Bye Stomp, don’t let a good song hit you on the way out
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  12. There were certainly far better songs for single options on Buzz at that point!
  13. Like After The Love Has Gone? Oh wait.
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  14. Stomp is amazing, I don't care what anyone else has to say...... it deserved that #1.
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  15. Always been a bit perplexed by this, but I wonder if they panicked a bit with Summer Of Love under-performing slightly?
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  16. Panicked and went with Stomp?!
  17. Probably. In hindsight, you would have thought that with Summer Of Love being a new song not on an album, it would have done better. Maybe they should have just had When I Said Goodbye as a double a-side with a slightly mixed Steptacular track. Then just had a proper lead single in October without the odd feeling.
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  18. I think they obviously wanted Summer of Love out for summer so put it out in 2000 as an AA side rather than wait another year.

    They should have just put it out by itself, either quickly after a short When I Said Goodbye campaign or instead of. I think being a AA side dragged it down a bit.
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  19. They probably shouldn’t have bothered with When I Said Goodbye. I’m not going to get into a debate about whether it’s a good song or not again, but it’s possible that people only heard/saw that song on TV, saw the black and white cover and thought it was boring and didn’t buy it. If it had had a cover from the Summer of Love video it might’ve attracted more casuals to buy it as it would’ve looked more fun.
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  20. It’s abtricky one because at that point Steptacular had only had 4 singles and easily had enough tracks on it that were strong enough to be singles. I just think timings were wrong. I do feel that maybe if they had gone with Say You’ll Be Mine/Deeper Shade Of Blue In December 1999 then either Movin On or Since You Took Your Love Away and had Better The Devil You Know as a double a-sode with Never Say Never Again or whichever of the above wasn’t a single in the summer of 2000, they would have had more time to work on the production and had a decent video for it.
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