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5,6,7,RATE! the Steps Discography Rate: WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Lost In Japan., Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Wow, controversial. I wouldn't have gone with either of them. Never Say Never (again) / I Surrender were the ones that got away.
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  2. Agreed. I love Since You Took Your Love Away, but I don’t think it should’ve been a single.
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  3. After The Love Has Gone is a better song sonically than Stomp, regardless of where it comes in a rate or on the charts.
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  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    I remember Stomp being a first of 'new Steps single letting me down'. I always found something about the timing in the chorus a bit clumsy, like it needed an extra syllable or something. Luckily it's grown on me with time, but it's never been a favourite. In general I'm just not too much into 'yay let's have fun and party'-songs. Though I was fine with Summer Of Love.

    The instrumental carries Stomp more than the actual vocal melody for me.
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  5. Stomp is a much better song than After The Love Has Gone, come on now.
  6. My first 'Steps letting me down' moment was Love's Got a Hold On My Heart. It was dated by about 7 years when it came out. Awful song.

    Except it's literally not.
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  7. I too remember being distinctly underwhelmed when I first heard it and thought "is that it?"

    It's never been a favourite. Though I did buy some yellow trainers that summer.
  8. Out of the ballad options Since You Took Your Love Away had the most potential.
    I Surrender is a little too nafftastic really to be a single.

    I’m still a little bitter that Buzz didn’t have a ‘nanas cover.
  9. Both are piss poor with better potential singles from both parent albums.
  10. No.
  11. If it had to be a ballad then yes Since You Took Your Love Away should’ve been it instead of When I Said Goodbye; although it does make a convenient toilet break on tours.
  12. Thing is, When I Said Goodbye has become their de facto ‘kiss and make up’ song after the reunion. So it makes more sense as an integral part of the discography these days than it ever did as a single.
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  13. I know. Such a shame. Perhaps they should have a dance remix to make it interesting for once. I’m sick of seeing it: sit there, tear up, Lisa try to get a look in, repeat ad nauseum.
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  14. Erm yes

    On Steptacular, Movin’ On, Since You Took Your Love Away Never Say Never Again were all stronger picks for single.

    On Buzz, Paradise Lost, Turn Around, Never Get Over You, even Human Touch we’re better single choices. Maybe not in direct swap but instead of, so maybe

    1. You’ll Be Sorry (October 2000)
    2. It’s The Way You Make Me Feel (January 2001)
    3. Here & Now/Paradise Lost (April 2001)
    4. Summer Of Love (July 2001)
  15. No.
  16. Summer of Love indeed suffered as the second half of an AA - that was the song everyone wanted, not an almost year-old ballad. And one CD as well? No. There was some bizarre decision making going on.
  17. Yeah, their singles with 2 x CD's sold so much more. I don't know why they didn't get Sleazesisters to remix something and bung Mars & Venus or something as a b-side to make a 2 CD set.
  18. I think it deserved number one because of the singles campaign which was used brilliantly to promote Buzz rather than the song itself.
  19. Was Here & Now/You’ll Be Sorry the only proper/official double a-side to be released over two CD’s?

    They could have easily had Say You’ll Be Mine/Better The Devil You Know Over 2 CD’s with a b-side and live tracks from the tour on the Devil disc and the Devil mixes on the Say disc.

    Again with When I Said Goodbye/Summer Of Love, the Goodbye disc could have had the Summer mixes whilst the Summer disc had a live version of Goodbye and a Studio Version Of one of the tour solo tracks.

    Stomp could have had more mixes and a b-side (No Rhyme, No Reason, Love Crime, No Matter What You Say or Mars & Venus)

    Words Are Not Enough/I Know Him So Well should have been WANE/Baby Dont Dance with I Know Him So swell as a b-side with mixes of WANE and Baby Don’t Dance.
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  20. Now I think of it, you may be right, Devil/Say You'll be mine was 2 CD's but the tracklistings were identical with one having a poster - odd decision.

    The reason for the "aa-sides" towards the end of their original run was because of their deal with Pete's label. The singles had to feature a PWL production. Which is why from It's The Way You Make Me Feel onwards the singles had "featuring... featured track" (or were an AA side in the case of Here and now/You'll be sorry)...
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