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5,6,7,RATE! the Steps Discography Rate: WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Lost In Japan., Feb 4, 2018.

  1. I meant as in basic party Q4 song similar to Steptacular's main sound, after Summer Of Epic Proportions under-performance and before an album of Swedish/American goodness, they played it slightly safe.
  2. I was never so happy to hear that Who Let The Dogs Out was number 2 that week
  3. Completely agree that Summer of Love being lumped with When I Said Goodbye dragged it down a lot. The latter seemed to be the 'more important' of the two A-Sides. It came first on the single cover's title and the photo they used was a black and white shot from the video set, which still perplexes me to this day. Summer of Love definitely should have been the one pushed to the forefront during that release.
  4. Summer of Love is one of my favourite Steps singles and it should definitely have been prioritised over dreary old When I Said Goodbye which is one of the worst.
  5. Maybe When I Said Goodbye was the weakest of the 2, but I'm glad it was given a chance because it was the 1st time that as a group the 5 vocals could be heard live and they did a decent job of the live promo appearances for it. Granted, Summer of Love was more "Steps" but during a time it seems when they were trying to appeal to an older market the fact that they could sing live on shows like Top of the Pops certainly gained them some respect.
  6. I just realised it only reached #5, I always thought it had reached #4. Yeah it definitely deserved higher than that, it should have been one of their iconic #2 singles at the very least.
  7. Ugh, somehow I'm no longer receiving notifications and now I've had to read these last two eliminations in a row. What a slap in the face!

    Stomp absolutely should have been at least top 10. Let's not forget Lisa's iconic quote, when asked about the appeal of Stomp, "There's no deep message in our music". Queen of humble realness.
  8. What’s left now in the Top Fifteen?
  9. I don’t mean to sound dramatic but if my 11 doesn’t win, I am never taking part in another rate ever again.
  10. Hmm I'm wondering what your 11 is now and if I should prepare for a big meltdown.
  11. People really think Summer of Love is better than Stomp? Interesting...
  12. The last rate I took part in, my 11 won. Saint Etienne. A random Spain–only promo single. It feels great.
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  13. From memory I think this is the top 15 ? I'm Sure to be corrected.

    One For Sorrow
    Last Thing On My Mind

    Loves got A Hold Of My Heart
    Deeper Shade Of Blue

    Summer of Love
    It' the Way You Make Me Feel
    YOU'LL Be Sorry
    Here and Now

    Chain Reaction

    Scared of the Dark
    Story of a Heart
    Neon Blue
    Glitter & Gold
  14. As far as I can see Glitter & Gold came in at 19 and Paradise Lost is still in the running.
    Come on Paradise Lost you can make the top 10.
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  15. Surprised You’ll Be Sorry has lasted so long.
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  16. As much as I love paradise lost it’s no where near as good as atlhg and stomp
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  17. Canny you should say this as we talk about Summer of Love, which has verses that take inspiration from Saint Etienne's very own Spanish-inspired Pale Movie!
  18. I love Stomp, but Summer of Love is one of the best songs they did, so it's definitely better.
  19. Uno


    Neon Blue to leave, please.
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  20. The top 15 is indeed:
    Last Thing on My Mind
    One for Sorrow
    Love's Got a Hold on My Heart
    Deeper Shade of Blue
    Summer of Love
    It's the Way You Make Me Feel
    You'll Be Sorry
    Here and Now
    Paradise Lost
    Chain Reaction
    Scared of the Dark
    Story of a Heart
    Neon Blue
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