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5 Seconds of Summer - 5SOS5

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Smooth Criminal, May 4, 2014.

  1. Nice.

    Also, they were on the Zach Sang show last months. New album is finished (or was about to be finished then, just needed some more production) and it's called "5SOS5", but they were very vague about a potential release date. First, they will be going on tour. They think it's their best album yet.
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  2. It’s worth noting that they seem to be producing and writing this mostly by themselves. Besides 2011, which is co-produced by John Feldmann and co-written by Nick Long, Michael has solely produced the songs with Luke writing Take My Hand and all of them writing Complete Mess. I wonder if the rest of the album will look like this in the credits.
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  3. Probably considering they left Capitol to sign to BMG, no? If they wanted to continue to play the major label game like they did on Youngblood and CALM, it’d have made no sense to be distributed independently to be honest.
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  5. https://5sosstore.co.uk/ - their official store has a standard white vinyl and cassette (plus standard cd and deluxe cd).

    There's many other vinyl colours from different retailers:

    Amazon: Brick Red Vinyl
    HMV: Coke Bottle Green
    Urban Outffiters: Candy Floss
    Banquet: Transparent Turquoise
    Walmart: Light Blue (not sure if this is sold out or just temporarily unavailable)
    Indies: Opaque Brown Vinyl
    Bone Vinyl

    There'll seemingly be a Spotify "Whirlpool" version too.

    Some of those colours seem at odds with the artwork, but I might get the Banquet version!
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  6. Love the new song.
  7. I’ve ordered the deluxe CD and Amazon vinyl. Hopefully so many tracks on each side of the vinyl is ok if the tracks are short.
  8. Am I the only one that thought they were including re-records on this because some titles are super similar to others. Red Line, Older and Best Friends had me double taking.

    Excited for the album though, these boys know their way around a good hook.
  9. Blender > Me Myself & I
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