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5 Seconds of Summer - 5SOS5

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Smooth Criminal, May 4, 2014.

  1. Bleach is the kind of misery I needed today, there's a great 10 track album in there somewhere.
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  2. It's definitely bloated but I can see this becoming my favorite album by them so far. It appears that they have finally found a way to mix all their musical interests into a single album. Also like the nods to their older music in tracks like Caramel and Moodswings. The singles are some of my least favorite tracks here but I don't think anything is bad. Caramel and Red Line are favorites from the first listen while Bad Omens and Flatline seem like easy hits waiting to happen.
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  3. I agree with this but I absolutely adore both Me, Myself & I along with Take My Hand. The album version of Take My Hand elevates it so much more for me as it just is so much more epic.
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  4. Blender reminds me so much of Talk Fast…. Still gutted than was never a single!!!
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  5. My Amazon exclusive vinyl arrived yesterday so there must’ve been some kind of mess up of dates when they didn’t dispatch it and then mentioned mid October. It was scratched out of the box so it’s getting replaced anyway.

    A lot of the songs on this album just feel like Luke’s solo album. That’s fine for a while but it could do with more variety. The deluxe tracks mixed into the standard track list would really help I think.
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  6. I'm obsessed with this album.
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  7. I still haven’t fully listened to the album, but so far loving it. I’ve only been listening to them since Youngblood.

    I don’t know if anyone else shares my view by I just don’t like Michael singing. It’s not that he’s bad or anything it’s just so jarring for me when he has a verse or whole song because it’s like someone’s brought Tom Delonge in. Where as Luke, Callum and Ashton (not so fussed on his voice) have such similar pop voices then blend so well he just doesn’t fit with them. It’s hard to describe!
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  8. I think this is probably their third strongest effort to date after Youngblood (doubt they’ll top this) and Calm. I really love it and don’t even mind the length.
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  9. 01 - 14,853 - 5 Seconds of Summer - 5SOS5
    [3,782 CDs, 3,440 vinyl, 4,428 cassettes, 913 downloads, 2,289 streaming]
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  10. Good for them. I’m enjoying this but it is very much bloated as mentioned.
  11. I’ve finally listened a few times in full now, Caramel is a highlight for me as is Moodswings, the deluxe edition songs are some major highlights for me. The singles aren’t stand out nor are there any on the single level like Youngblood and CALM but that’s not bad to me!

    Only songs I would cut from the tracklist are, Older, Emotions (this sounds like an MGK song not 5SOS), You Don’t Go To Parties and maybe Best Friends.

    Really impressed that they’ve done this almost alone and it fits with a sound that suits them really well. It’s always a danger taking control of a project after 2 successful albums with big writers / producers and major hits but fair play, they did well. Maybe some lyrics are a little meh (like Older) but nothing awful!
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  12. Just listened to the full album and this might be the best pop song of the year?

    Who would have thought they would become such reliable pop makers when they debuted.
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  13. 'Bleach' is monumental
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  14. Sis this is a Union J song
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