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5 Seconds of Summer - CALM (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Smooth Criminal, May 4, 2014.

  1. Absolute banger!
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  2. This is so good! I hope this is another top ten hit for them.
    I still from time to time can't believe this is the same group from 2014 that sang She Looks So Perfect. I respect their hustle and sticking it out and growing as artists. They deserve the success.

    Love when a group has ups and downs and can stick by one another and not jump ship the second things slow down and actually reinvent themselves and make a comeback.
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  3. Teeth is utterly incredible
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  4. This is already my most played song of the week sksksk it's up there with Talk Fast.
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  5. My niece did right by forcing their last album on me because with these two new singles I am about to be a full blown stan.
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  6. I love a Zach Sang interview. They seem genuinely proud of Teeth and it's nice to know it's going to be part of an album and not just a random song floating around (I know it's also on the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack) and that the album is coming early 2020.
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  7. They won New Music Friday, hands down.
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  9. Oh wow, this is amazing!! Thanks for tagging me, @Aidan . I'm about to be a full-blown stan. I'm glad it's miles ahead of Easier.
  10. It's not as good as Youngblood (Although what is? That song still slaps so fucking hard) but this is their best song since that.

    A fucking banger.
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  11. Friendly reminder that even if the gays ignored the second album, Jet Black Heart and Waste The Night are 10/10s pop bangers. Also stream Talk Fast.
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  12. Oh wow. It's been a long while since they've released something that I haven't really liked (I am taking a leaf from everyone here and will not mention the release of the most recent Easier remix). Easier (The Vault Remix) just finished plucking at my weave and now they're serving Teeth and it's starting all over again.
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  13. Which is an easy feat considering that the two songs in between were penned by Julia Micheals and Charlie Puth respectively.
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  14. Well true, I just wanted a way to shoehorn in a reference to the fact that Youngwig is an 11/10.
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  15. Teeth just decapitated me and left me in a ditch. A banger.
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  16. I haven't quite forgiven them for teaming up with The Chainsmokers, but Teeth is rapidly bringing me back around.
  17. Wait the original Lie to Me had nothing to do with Julia though, right?
  18. Oh you're right. Tame enough to be suitable to Julia then.
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