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5 Seconds of Summer - CALM (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Smooth Criminal, May 4, 2014.

  1. My goodness, Teeth is just excellent! In my head they just released Youngblood so I’m happily bopping to both.
  2. Guys guys guys

    Is anyone aware of a 'Youngblood' remix with a 90s dance-ish sound to the instrumental?

    It's very possible it could've been some kind of live DJ magic as opposed to an actual version of the song that's out there but if it exists I want it in my life.
  3. Easier was a bit off but they sure nailed Teeth live:

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  4. Behind the scenes of the Teeth music video:

  5. There must be a malfunction. The US dates are repeating themselves.

    I want to see them in North Carolina!
  6. Surely an official album announcement is imminent? I doubt they’d be touring this year without any new material out.
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  7. I had forgotten about them but Teeth was excellent. Did nothing come afterwards?
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  8. New album C A L M is out March 27th.

  9. I’m perched.
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  10. New single out now as well! No Shame
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  11. Samples this classic:

  12. Don't love it as intensely/instantly as Teeth but I think it's a solid bop.
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  13. I'm actually quite perched for this, I loved Teeth, No Shame and Easier are very nice too.
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  14. No Shame is very good.
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  15. Hopefully the the new album won't be half filler like the last one. Teeth remains huge, No Shame is very good after a first listen too.
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  16. aux


    @2014 can you change the thread title to 5 Seconds of Summer - CALM (4th Album)? xx
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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Done! Youngblood is a jam so I'll keep an ear out for this x
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  18. aux


    Thank you legend. We stan an efficient mod!
  19. Youngblood? Half filler?
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