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5 Seconds of Summer - CALM (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Smooth Criminal, May 4, 2014.

  1. Yeah nobody really needs 9+ Julia Micheals-esque midtempos from a pop/rock band. The second album was almost all killer so my expectations were high, especially after Youngblood (song).
  2. No Shame is really lovely! They made the most of that Donna Lewis sample but the chorus also gives me Map of Tasmania teas and it's distracting dd.
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  3. No Shame is really fucking good. I'm so surprised at how they turned things around after their debut
  4. No Shame is their best since Youngblood.
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  5. No Shame is very very good. Let me perch for the album a bit.
  6. This is so lush and the sample is so perfectly integrated. Subtle stuff.

    I also have to applaud their videos this era.
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  7. I genuinely wouldn’t skip any of the 18 tracks across the Youngblood album.
  8. Really liking No Shame.

    Have they announced who is supporting the new tour? I checked out after The Chainsmokers collab last year, but might have to check back in if they take a support act as good as The Aces on the road with them this time around.
  9. Beats 1 interview with Zane Lowe:

  10. This is a great squeakquel to Never Really Over, honestly. It's a very cute bop.
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  11. Can someone tell me what 2000s song the chorus reminds me of?

    It immediately reminded me of Avril My World (listen to the melody at the start of the chorus) and to a lesser extent Things I’ll Never Say. But I’m sure there’s something else.

    Either way, this is fantastic.

    Edit: Oh! It samples I Love You Always Forever? Iconic.
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  12. If someone told me a few years ago I'd be stanning a bunch of 5 Seconds of Summer songs... who could've foreseen this.

  13. Album trailer is out and all of the snippets sound great.

  14. At this stage I probably still slightly prefer Teeth, but No Shame is another great song. They really know their way round a bop.
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  15. I still can't believe they left 'Moving Along' and 'Talk Fast' to rot on Youngblood and chose 'Valentine' and 'Lie to Me' as singles instead.
  16. Oh Wildflower sounds amazing/a potential hit from the snippet!

    Thanks for reminding me of my monthly complaint about Talk Fast not being a single.
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  17. Okay this slaps and the 90's/Marilyn Manson influences really work for me.
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  18. Just got tickets to their show here in my hometown of Newcastle.
    The fact they're playing a bar at the local university which is a 4 minute walk from me, kii.
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