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5 Seconds of Summer - CALM (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Smooth Criminal, May 4, 2014.

  1. Oh yeah, this absolutely slaps.

    Not that I should be surprised at this stage.
  2. A handful of the remaining tracks have leaked, but I don't think it's the full album yet
  3. Their store shipped my order today. I'm perched to wipe it down with antibacterial wipes tomorrow!!
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  4. Well the album is out! I had a listen to the 7 new songs and while none of them reach the levels of Teeth and Wildflower, there are a couple of nice choruses here and there. I really appreciate the general electronic sheen of the album, it's clear they started with Youngblood (song) as the guideline for this. Lonely Heart is quite blatantly Youngblood Pt.2 but it's a banger so I won't complain.

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  5. The first six tracks are doing it for me. Lord 2020 is wild.
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  6. So.. I didn't know of this band until "Red Desert" came up on one of my Spotify suggested playlists. And I loved it instantly. It has this gospel-psychedelia feel to it which I really liked! Plus the production is immaculate! I tried a few more songs from the album but none of them sounded like this one.

    Can someone tell me which other songs (either on this album or) in their catalogue sound like Red Desert?
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  7. My Target deluxe shipped, the bonus tracks are just live versions but maybe I’m a stan now?
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  8. The live versions are pretty amazing as well - they sound so good.
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  9. Honestly, 'No Shame', 'Old Me', 'Easier', 'Teeth', 'Wildflower', 'Not In The Same Way' are excellent tracks. I won't listen to other songs ever again, but these 6 are very solid.
  10. I find it strange hearing Callum sing the whole of Wildflower when Luke sings every other song
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  11. I don't not like the album, but I find it top-heavy and I think they blew their load with the songs they released prior to the album release. I can tell the remaining songs will grow on me, but I'm not sated, considering how much I stanned the Youngblood album and the earlier singles from CALM.
  12. I like it way more than I liked Youngblood, which had many great highs and also lots of mediocre songs. After first two spins I can tell that it all seems a little bit more balanced on Calm in terms of quality control, which is a good thing. Also they've chosen perfect tracks as singles.
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  13. Teeth is fantastic! I love how they’re always so willing to explore different sounds sonically.
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  14. So far nothing touches No Shame, but Wildflower is excellent. I like the whole thing, just waiting for more of the songs to click.
  15. Bonus track ALERT: there's one called "Killed My Time" (PLUS1 bonus track) I don't know what "PLUS1" is.
  16. Bonus track called Kill My Time:

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  17. where is this? I don’t see it on iTunes or any of the web stores. Is this a CD only bonus of some sort?
  18. You won't find it on itunes.
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