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5 Songs

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Trouble in Paradise, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. After another failed attempt at joining a song contest, I had an idea for a new thread! So the goal will be that any member can post a song for anyone to listen to. The catch is that in order to post a song, you have to listen to the last 5 songs posted and comment on them. You can post literally any song you want, just with the knowledge that 5 random users are going to listen to the full song and comment on it.

    Here are some general guidelines I offer to help:
    • Be thoughtful about song lengths! I want everyone to listen to the FULL song, but if you're posting 8 minute long songs, there's a chance people might not listen.
    • On the other hand, we're depending on the honor system that people are going to listen to the full song. You want everyone to listen to your song right? So listen to theirs
    • Even if you know the song posted, give it a new listen to see if something new stands out or clicks!
    • We should be honest! If a song doesn't vibe with you, that's fair to say. However, try not to diss someone's song just for likes
    • If a song/artist is particularly near and dear to you, you could include a note about what makes it so special so those commenting on it know not to get too tongue in cheek
    • The more diversity in songs posted the more successful this will be!
    • Feel free to comment on a song even if you don't have a song to share
    I see this thread as the weird baby between Random Pop Thoughts and the Song Contests. I imagine a user posting a Britney deep cut followed by an unsigned bedroom pop artist followed by the new Billie Eilish single. I would imagine for those into the song contests this could be a space to test the waters??

    Obviously to get it started the first 5 posters will just comment on the songs above until we get to 5 songs. Once a song has gotten 5 comments, the next poster doesn't need to comment on it to post their song. Hope I explained that okay & excited to see what we share!

    Here's my song to get it started:

  2. This is a great idea for a thread. A more low-key way to share/discover music without any of the restrictions of the song contests, or just a way for people to celebrate their faves.

    As for Glenfern, I don't think I'd ever heard a Kathleen Edwards song before, but I liked the 00s singer-songwriter vibe, which reminded me of a poppier version of Neko Case. I also liked how sweet and sunny the song sounds despite being about a failed past relationship, and also how how vivid the lyrics were, the verse about the online street view and the slippers made me smile. I enjoyed it a lot and will definitely be giving the album a listen.

    My pick:

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  3. A collaborative playlist to make it easier for people to listen to last five songs:

  4. I also think this is a fun idea for a thread. A form of 'musical pay it forward'.

    I listened to the Kathleen Edwards album a couple of times this month. She's someone I enjoy, but don't actively 'keep up with'... so I was glad @Trouble in Paradise FYC'd her in the chart thread. 'Glenfern' has the late 90s/early 00s country/fold sound I really like. A highlight on the album.

    I'm not familiar with Julien Doré, but really like the vibe of 'Corail'. I'm generally a sucker for a good male/female vocal... so this song hits the mark great there.

    My pick.

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  5. - That Kathleen Edwards song is giving me Suzanne Vega Realness, which I really enjoy!
    - Julien Dore (it will be no surprise that I first discovered him through a cover of Mourir Sur Scene <a Dalida song>) and I have recently fallen Head Over Heels in love with Porto-Vecchio, brought to me by @soratami. Corail has a cool vibe and I can imagine myself loving it more and more with repeated listens, a bit L'Imperatrice in parts which I love!
    - Moon Kissed - there are dreamy elements in the instrumental of this I really enjoy though I am not sure I would return to it very much, I am sorry to say, Pop3! I do really love how you find very niche artists and feature them on here though, one of the best things about having you in Song Contests IMO :D

    My pick is gonna seem SUPER Berserky but hey, I have a brand I guess!

    I have recently started getting into this song by VIDEOCLUB even though it is as old as Roi and I think I really missed a trick not sending it to PJSC last year - now anything VIDEOCLUB is so obviously me, I might have to wait 3 years to send it! I think it may be my favourite song by them now? And I LOOOOOOOVE so many!

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  6. This is a fun idea!

    My comments:
    Kathleen Edwards - Glenfern
    ~ Very pleasant and mellow tune. Love her vocals and the detailed lyrics, though it's not something I would seek on my own, to be honest.

    Julien Doré - Corail
    ~ I've heard of Julien through PJSC. This is a nice chill summery moment, I like it. Julien's vocals are kind of sensual, which goes very nicely with this song's sound. "Porto-Vecchio" is definitely superior, though.

    Moon Kissed - Lost It

    ~ I remember these girls from that eye-catching supermarket music video in PJSC! This is a great and catchy song, there's something distinctively indie about it. Love the key-change. Some interesting elements in the instrumental lift it up, too.

    Videoclub - En Nuit
    ~ A song I've heard via @berserkboi's PM. Sorry to say this, berserky, but this isn't really my thing (as you would say in the song contests, "pas pour moi"). The production is very good and their vocals are perfectly fine, but the song is a bit too monotonous for me. Though it could do well in PJSC, so go for it!

    My song choice:
  7. I'm shit at commenting on songs beside the usual "I like it", so I don't think I'll actively participate, but I love the idea and I'll definitely follow the thread as I love discovering new music and reading other people's opinions.
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  8. I was feeling a little lethargic towards my Spotify playlists today and was in need of some new stuff to listen to. So this thread was a nice discovery and as a bonus, I'm not familiar with any of the above artists/songs:

    1. Kathleen Edwards, Glenfern: this was a delight, it reminded me at points of later-Jewel and @berserkboi is right, there is some Suzanne in there too. Some great arrangements in this song
    2. Julien Dore, Corail: if I had been able to get to the Mediterranean this summer, this would have been a perfect accompaniment to lazing by the sea. This song hits that sweet spot between summery chill out and pre-party warm up
    3. Moon Kissed, Lost It: I'll be coming back to this again. I'm not sure how I feel about it overall but I love that key change and middle 8; and I get the sense that this has some layers to it that deserve a deeper dive
    4. Videoclub, En Nuit: I've added this to my working-from-home playlist, it's really fun, catchy and will brighten up the day of looking at a laptop/wall
    5. Madredeus, A Vaca de Fogo: sorry this wasn't really for me although I can hear it working splendidly as part of a film's soundtrack

    So for my choice, I'm going with this moody gem that I stumbled upon earlier this year when browsing Spotify. I don't know anything about Altarboy but if you like Chromatics or TOPS, hopefully you'll enjoy this:

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  9. I'm so happy with all the responses already! "Glenfern" has now gotten 5 wonderful and thoughtful reviews so it no longer needs to be commented on! Be sure to add your pick to the Spotify playlist @soratami kindly made if you want others to give it a listen.

    Also @Conan and others, you don't need to give @beyoncésweave levels of commentary excellence! A simple "this has a good vibe" or "I like/dislike their vocals" could work!
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  10. I have an idea that doesn't fit any song contest. Here we go!

    Glenfern - I didn't have to but I wanted to. It's utterly relaxing. Something I'd gladly put on in the background while drinking chamomile.

    - well, a man is on it.

    Lost It
    - her vocals are very likable. It could grow on me after a few listens.

    En Nuit
    - I can't tell whether it's the same song that was in PJSC which is a good thing. I'd still give it points and all.

    A Vaca De Fogo
    - would I buy it if somebody told me this was recorded in the 40s? Hell yeah! Definitely has its own charm. I could hear a farmeress humming it while feeding her chickens.

    - relaxing as well. There's something about it that reminds me of Coco Morier.

    Dated bop alert!

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