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KING #18


Kun ♡ NCT (WayV)
Qián Kūn · 錢錕

27 years old
5'9" (176 cm)
from China

pts (@FunkyButChic) [K]
11 pts (@Slice of Life) [K]
5 pts (@RUNAWAY) [K]

Kun was first introduced to the public in 2016 through SM Rookies when he featured on the Chinese version of a NCT U single, later becoming the leader of its Chinese sub-unit, WayV. He's very cute but I don't know much about him other than that he is one of the best vocalists in NCT, I love his duet with Xiaojun!


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Taeyong ♡ NCT (127)
Lee Taeyong · 이태용

27 years old
5'9" (175 cm)
from South Korea

pts (@askew) [P]
14 pts (@chrisjche) [P]

Also a former SM Rookies guy, Taeyong debuted as a member of NCT U in the song The 7th Sense, later becoming part of the 127 sub-unit, and also the supergroup SuperM. OK but when are we getting another duet with Ten like Baby Don't Stop? He has also released a good amount of solo material and performances. As a casual non-NCTizen, I get the impression that he is the ~fashion~ member, always having the most out-there looks and styling.


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Hmm... I don't think anybody called for this one yet, so it might be a bit of a shocker.


"Trouble, trouble like a miscode
It's a state of emergency
It's a bu-buffering
I’m on that glitch mode"


Glitch Mode ♡ NCT DREAM
Team Flame · From KPJ Charts


Highest Scores:
(@Slice of Life, @ohdenny, @ohnostalgia, @Wills)
9.5 (@boom bazooka joe, @KimLippington)
9 (@leedlelee..., @chrisjche, @soratami)

Lowest Scores:
.5 (@Attis) / 5 (@TéléDex, @Christopher, @nikkysan) / 3 (@ysev )

My Score: 7.5

Leaderboard Evolution:
23 ⬂ 35 ⇨ 35 ⬂ 36

Hmm… I feel like I’ve already “cracked the code” for what to expect from modern NCT DREAM title tracks. It’s always a shouty, chant-y chorus with varying degrees of pots and pans in the production filtered through different genre flavors. It clearly works for them, they are a massively successful boy group, but it’s not really my style in particular, though I enjoy them in small doses. Glitch Mode is on the lower end of the DREAM title tracks ranking for me, but it's fine! It’s very catchy, I just wish it had a bit of a stronger centerpiece, but I guess the scattered approach works with the concept.

What does stand out for me, as is often the case with DREAM, is some of the vocalists: they bring much needed freshness and airiness to a track that could feel a bit too leaden otherwise. And while watching the super fun MV, I found out that my favorite vocal other than Haechan was that super pretty guy with dark hair among the flowers? OK, consider me a Renjun stan now! I also forgot it had an ice/frost theme and I put the song on Team Flame but it wouldn't really have worked on Tears.

@Salami (6) compliments the quirky choreography and everyone's favorite dance studio: “First off I like the dancing, and on that subject, I'm grateful for Studio Choom so I can just see groups dancing without zooming in or a pointless scene in an MV that adds nothing. The song…eh, I can take it or leave it. I think the only bit I like is when they say the title.” @Christopher (5) on the other hand can’t stand that bit: “I don't hate this...until the chorus hits. I cannot abide glitch music.” You really said fuck Kwon Eunbi! Taking issue with a different section of the song we have @Macsun (7.75): “This always grows on me…they I’m reminded of the awful bridge.” Girl, what? That’s almost always the best part in any given SM song, and this is no exception! @enjoy (6) agrees: “There are couple parts that i enjoyed from this mainly the bridge and the ending.. but good god, no.”

OK, enough dissecting the song structure! I’m not sure if @boom bazooka joe (9.5) is spilling: “Glitch Mode is to Beatbox as Hot Sauce is to Hello Future. Meaning, it's superior but it's treated by most to be inferior.” Controversial! I find Hot Sauce very cute, but Hello Future is just gorgeous! Mark parts aside. @MmmDani (9) stans “I can get behind utter nonsense when it slaps, and this does.”, as does @chrisjche (9): “This song has grown on me so much - it's weird and noisy but also kind of addictive.” That’s a good way to sum it up! @Wills (10) is even more succinct: “Their best song idc”


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