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80s-90s Rap/Hip Hop/Ragga Female Acts

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Former member 330, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. As per the subject, I'm keen to unearth some fresh and fly girls I may have missed from my collection over the years! Bring on the lists, the memories and the YouTube links....

    For starters;

    The Wee Papa Girl Rappers
    She Rockers
    The Cookie Crew
    Kiss AMC
    Monie Love
    Louchie Lou & Michie One
    Tight'n Up
    Ali And Frazier

    ...sadly, Michelle Gayle's Grange Hill duo, Fresh And Fly never put out a record! Neither did The She Rappers Featuring Janet P And Cinderella! Ha. I left out some obvious ones - Salt N Pepa, Adeva, Queen Latifah, plus a load of USA acts I never quite got around to, I think.
  2. The Real Roxanne - Bang Zoom (Let's Go Go) sounded like the future in 1986.
  3. Lauryn Hill comes to mind also, Doo Wop never gets old.
  4. Oh, this is the girl who was in Bardeux, on John Saint James' Synthicide label (Stacey Q), and then much later on fronted rock band Tura Satana, so she got around!
  5. Does (MC) Kinky fit in this category? She seems to have released a few singles, which didn't do very well at all, but she did feature on Erasure's "Take A Chance On Me" and E-Zee Possee's "Everything Starts With An E".
  6. And "Generations Of Love" by Jesus Loves You.
  7. I can't believe Tairrie B was in Bardeux! I loved Bardeux when they were around. When I saw Tairrie B, I never heard bothered to hear her music. I just assumed she was a Teena Marie wanna-be.
  8. Oooh. One of my favourite musical subjects.

    No discussiion of female rappers can continue without mentioning the undisputed Godmother Roxanne Shante.

    As she famously said..........

    "A lot of MC's today really know how to please
    but I gave birth to most of them MC's
    so when it comes around to the month of May
    send me your royalty check for Mother's Day"]

    Her most iconic moment is of course 'Roxanne's Revenge' which started the legendary Roxanne Wars'

    Other cool MC's are.......

    Ms Melodie
    Sweet Tee
    MC Lyte
    Shelly Thunder
    Charlie Baltimore
    Phoebe One

    It's such a shame that female MC's started out looking like this....


    And ended up like this...........


    Thank god for Missy.

    It goes without saying that this is the greatest rap record of all time....

  9. MC Kinky is amazing. I used to dance for her back in the day.

    She first appeared on Boy George's track 'Kipsy' in 1988 and then guested on Jesus Loves You records and the legendary 'Everything Starts With An E' with E-Zee Possee.

    She released 2 solo singles on More protein 'Get Over It' and her finest moment the almighty 'Inna We Kingdom' ( Ridiculously great record, not that you can here it from this live version).

    She released 'Everybody' in the mid 90's and my brother and I jigged about behind her at various nightclubs and festivals for the gays.

    She records under the name Feral this days and is still fantabulous.

  10. Tarrie B and Kinky once had a fight. It's mentioned in Boy George's autobiography.
  11. Queen Latifah is great. And sexy.
  12. Take It LIke A Man or Straight?
  13. I hate to break it to ya Eric but I don't think you're her type. HA!!!
  14. First one I think. They're at someone's birthday party in L.A. and Kinks gets into an argument with a unnamed white female rapper.
  15. Oh well, hahaha. I know next to nothing about her, other than a couple of albums I own!
  16. She's my favourite rap artist of all time. Her first 4 albums are all great.

    Sister Monie is my favourite rapper but her material wasn't as strong.

    I saw BDP in concert at Brixton when I was about 17. Latifah was supporting and Monie came on to do 'Ladies First'. 'Twas amazing. We'd come up with a group from college and I nearly missed the coach home as I was right at the front trying to touch Ms. Melodie's hand when we all had to leave.

    Check out her clip above. She was fantastic although I'm slightly perturbed by the video???
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