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80's Divas Singles, That Charts and Time Forgot!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. The 1980's. Diva tastic for so many reasons!:
    • First and foremost, It was the decade that was ruled by Madonna plus created fellow superstars in the likes Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and Kylie Minogue.
    • Godesses on the Dancefloor Bananarama, became the ulitmate Girl Group!
    • Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer and Olivia Newton John enjoyed arguably their final major decade of chart impact, whilst Tina Turner staged perhaps the greatest comeback in music history.
    • Kim Wilde, Kate Bush, Annie Lennonx and Sheena Easton were doing it proud for the Brit Girls.
    • And by the decade ended, there was a Diva for everybody and everyone's own taste, be it Taylor Dayne,Tiffany, Debbie Gibson or Pat Bennater and Enya!
    But with so many fabulous females ruling the airwaves, there was always going to be so many singles that both the charts at the time, or time and years since, have not been kind too! So unkind it, it makes you wanna weep!

    To start this thread off, here are a few of my forgotten favourties:

    This fantastic Patrick Leonard True Blue era style gem, stalled past the US top 60 in 1988, but over the UK, it did even worse and failed to chart!

    Again from 1988, and even more bop friendly via it's superb Sir Shep Pettibone remix, even Sir Elton on backing vocals and production, could not make this a bigger chart hit for Miss ONJ.

    Perhaps a bit too gritty, this limped to just #54 in the UK back in the winter of 1984. Also notable for being their final single before going all Hi-NRG.
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  2. Love the Jody track, should have had a bigger career in the UK.

    The song below is one of Taylor Dayne's finest singles. Therefore it's very unjust it snapped her run of 7 consecutive US Top 10s and either didn't chart or get a UK release.

  3. I loved Judy Cheeks’ 1988 single Just Another Lie, anyone remember that?

    Also, A-Nita’s 1987 single Don’t Treat Me Like This was a flop, but I loved it! She worked with Eliot Wolf a year before Paula Abdul did....
  4. Two Chers:

    and an Alisha, from the film that spawned Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now:

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  5. OH WOW

    Thanks for this.
    Also @Jeffo found shaking

    She was the Dolly Dots singer? Wow again!

    The performance above is brilliant. The song coming alive. Anita killing it. The back up girls are fierce. The two male band members looking like 2017 hotties. A revelation.

    Another bop

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  6. Yes, Anita was in the Dolly Dots from 1979-1985, she left after she became a mother (and therefore missing the flop movie they made in the USA, and their SAW single), but rejoined them for the reunions in 1998 and 2007.

    She only made one solo album as A-Nita, called The Girl In Black. It’s basically a Dolly Dots album but then without the other five, and the sound is a little edgier on some tracks, I love it!

    Her follow up to Don’t Treat Me...., called I’ll Live, was not officially released in Europe, but the USA got a promo 12”, released as Nita instead of Anita. swedish singer Carola later covered the track
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  7. I spend the past two hours researching all this, thanks for the New years eve treat!
    I made a playlist of what's on Youtube of the album plus the extra singles, amazing stuff.

    Her album is nowhere to be found on streaming or for sale sadly, I'll maybe get a vinyl at some point.
    Do you perhaps own it @WoW73 - help a sister out!
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  8. Love your YouTube playlist!!!

    I have the album on CD, it was quite expensive when I bought it about 15 years ago, but seems to have totally disappeared now.

    Funny: at a signing session the Dolly Dots did in 2007 for their live album/dvd, I asked her to sign my CD copy, it seemed she had totally forgotten about it! Blondes have more fun I suppose haha
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  9. Amen to both of these! Jody Wately should have been a much bigger star what she was. Even the US turned there back on her after 1991.

    As for Taylor Dayne, yes, Heart Of Stone, is a superb piece of pop rock and it's a shame it ended her US Top 10 chart run. Things were never the same for Taylor after that.
  10. Amazing. It was probably a blur for her, and also wasn't much of a success right? I saw that two singles reached no 40 and 41 and the album didn't chart? Or was that a non reliable site?
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  11. In the official Dutch Top 40, You've got Me Keyed up charted at 33, and Into the night stalled in the Tipparade top 30 - a weekly list with tips for the Top 40. There are several charts in the Netherlands though, in the Singles Chart (currently a top 100), she charted at 40 and 41 respectively, as you mentioned. The album didn't chart in the Album Top 40 unfortunately
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  12. Such Netherflops! She deserved a Top 10 or two.
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  13. Do Not Disturb says Hi.

    (Great thread, by the way!).
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  14. Here's another track that flopped but deserved to be a hit:

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  15. And this Tina Turner single, is my favourite song by her, but didn't get released elsewhere outside Holland, I think. it never shows up on any compilations
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  16. I do love me a good Elliot Wolff dramaticbop. I did some digging on her Discogs page and turns out this song was written and produced by him too:

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  17. She apparently also demoed Straight Up but it then went to Paula - eeek!
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  18. Written by Bowie, who did his own version around 1987 for a B-side. Both his and Tina's tracks are excellent, it was my favourite track on Break Every Rule.
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  19. A forgotten gem from Donna Summer from 1981. Love it's energy, and as ever, killer vocal.
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  20. Two mid 80s bops from a legendary diva that should have smashed

    The videos are so 80s it hurts - in the best possible way!
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