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80's Divas Singles, That Charts and Time Forgot!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. That second screen shot! As 80s as you can get!
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  2. Utter jams! Possibly the best examples of their kind.
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  3. Just remembered another Dutch 80's diva: Selena, not to be mistaken for the Latin singer Selene. Dutch Selena only made one album, in 1989, but it's full of bops! I totally love 'So Far Away', in which she asks her love interest if he 'like boys or girls'...

  4. Loving this thread! Heart of Stone is my favorite Taylor single, so of course it was the "flop" from her imperial phase.
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  5. For a moment I thought you meant Tatjana who I started a thread for last year.
    And then saw @Charley had already done so in 2010. Great minds.

    Selena's So Far Away IS A BOP! A bit 1988 Sandra but bop.
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  6. It really is an amazing song!
  7. Oh my gosh yes, I needed this thread now when I have my 80's revival again.

    Why does it feel like singers during this time got an album out every other week, while today singers can have 3-5 hits and still risk getting no album out!?
  8. Also, sorry for double post, but why can't I find Jody Watley's other albums on streaming or on the internet??

    Can you guys recommend a diva that's forgotten who has a great discography to dig into?

  9. Vanessa Williams?
    Kim Wilde?
  10. Never really explored Vanessa outside her singles. I got the impression she was ballad-MOR heavy so just avoided it. Does she have many gems tucked away on her albums?
  11. The closest Portugal ever had of having a Hi-NRG diva

  12. (He's Got) The Look is the bop.
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  13. I am from the 90's, so I'm not really that familiar with the 80's music scene ehehe. Didn't even know Vanessa Williams had a music career?

    And is Kim Wilde really that good?
  14. Yes.
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  15. Fine, I'll give her a shot after Vanessa Williams.
  16. Some of Dame Kim's most poptastic moments to start you off


  17. Give yourself over to Close. It will be a Pop Music Epiphany.
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  18. Two amazing singers there!
  19. So so many Kim bops there!
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