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80's Divas Singles, That Charts and Time Forgot!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. Especially this gem:
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  2. Very underrated that one! I listen to it far more than the other Close singles these days.
  3. Certainly is. Her to final single for the 80s too, where only Madonna had more singles in the top 40 that decade than her!
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  4. I do love your Pop Facts!
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  5. Thanks my dear!
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  6. Love In A Natural Way is my favorite non-You Came single. It surpassed Never Trust a Stranger and Million Miles Away recently.
  7. It's time for

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  8. Also on topic

  9. I love Rush Hour! Rivals Belinda's best.
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  11. I remember being totally shocked when this flopped. I was convinced it was going to be HUGE!

  12. Oh indeed, this is a brilliant song!!!! Classy bop and then some.
  13. If not mentioned already, Patty Smyth's Lauper-meets-Springsteen 1987 album Never Enough is top drawer stuff. I always go for the smouldering Celtic fog of Kelly/Steinberg's The River Cried (not far removed from Cyndi's Heading for the Moon), but there's power pop rock posturing for days here. I've never tried her 90s follow-up though - after the surprise and shock of hearing an album that should have took bronze after True Blue and True Colours (Ms. Easton could be a lovely 4th alternate at a stretch I suppose), I just didn't want to be disappointed. It's airtight.
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  14. I'm surprised Irene Cara's "Why Me" wasn't a big hit. It didn't make the US Top 10 and seems to have flopped completely in the UK

  15. She seemed to have been totally eclipsed by the huge successes of both Fame and What A Feeling I think.
  16. I am still quite fond of girl group Risqué's "The girls Are Back In Town".
    Anyone else remember it?

  17. Tune!

    Irene Cara not going on from Fame and Flashdance to have a hugely successful music career a la Donna Summer is one of the all time great popinjustices.
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  18. I always preferred "Inside A Dream" to "Rush Hour" - both great tunes though. It's a travesty that IAD wasn't a big hit!
  19. Having said that, the single remix of IAD was poor.

  20. She had a very similar voice to Donna Summer I think.
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