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80's Divas Singles, That Charts and Time Forgot!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. I always thought so - her What A Feelin' album may have been the first ever album I bought myself with my pocket money! It's bop central and urgently in need of a reissue.
  2. At least she had two of the biggest selling female singles of the 80s!
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  3. I am sure she takes comfort in that fact!

    I always wondered what happened to Irene Cara. Two of biggest songs of the decade then nothing. Probably behind the scenes contract issues, it always just seemed odd to me that she vanished and has never been heard from since!
  4. Flashdance did for her what it did to Jennifer Beals it would seem!
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  5. It's an amazing album. There was a reissue, no? I just placed an order for it. But it seems "Why Me" is the extended version.
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  6. I downloaded it off iTunes years ago and Why Me was indeed the 12" Mix. I really want the 7", it's a brilliant song. I prefer it to What A Feeling these days.
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  7. Number 81? She was a diva for a short while in 1985, bless her.
    Much better than her Number 1 single for me.

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  8. Of course Cyndi had some immaculate ballads but this one charted far too low and still sounds gorgeous to my ears.

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  9. Even though it was top 40 in Germany I was shocked and worried for Sammy's future (I was 11 or 12) when this was her first UK track to miss the top 50, #58!

  10. Before Mariah's own tribute version over a decade later.
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  11. Guys, I'm trying to find both Jody Watley's second and third album....but it seems to be impossible to find it digitally anywhere. Any help??
  12. On CD, you can get Larger Than Life and Affairs Of The Heart very cheaply from used sellers on Amazon and eBay. Then you could rip mp3s of them yourself to use.
  13. Thanks will check that out! Do you know if the shipping fees are suuupee expensive? I don't wanna put 2 thirds of the costs on transportation hehe.
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  14. I've always loved this song, a #21 smash in January 1981, then disappeared without a trace after a couple of non-charting singles and commited suicide in 1991. Great forgotten gem.

  15. You can see International (non-UK) shipping rates here:
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  16. France Joli, anyone?

  17. Here I was thinking I knew everything 80s.
    I love having discovered "Fur" now, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    Same with a lot of the other tracks here. Epic thread.
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  18. Fantastic find ! Thank you.
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  19. Rick Wake special! Lisa with her band, and more 80's dance pop style. Bliss!
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  20. The best thing she ever did!
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