80s Top 10 Sales- Week By Week- 1984-1985



After six weeks of dominance Stevie Wonder is bounced off the top slot this week despite selling 88,000, the track will sell its 1,400,000th copy this week which is an achievement in any year but in 1984 only gives it third place on the YTD charts. It’s replaced by Wham!’s “Freedom” which sprints from 3-1 on sales of 114,000, it means that every other No 1 single since May has been at least co-written by George Michael, an amazing feat to say the least. Of course it is the duo’s second No 1 single on the trot and during interviews last week they confirmed that they will be issuing a Christmas track which sets up an interesting battle with Frankie Goes To Hollywood for the festive chart topper. Interestingly no promo has been made for “Freedom” with the band busy in the US at present where “Wake Me Up” has become a major hit and is climbing inside the top 20 at present.



Paul Weller isn’t letting up as he fires out another top 10 single for The Style Council, “Shout To The Top” had a typically high debut at No 13 last week and now rises to No 7 (48,000). It’s the seventh single to be released under the Style Council moniker and is the fifth single to hit the upper reaches of the chart though it should be noted that no single has peaked lower than No 11.


Originally recorded by Ann Peebles back in 1972, Paul Young returns to the fray with “I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down”. Popularly reported in the press, Young has had some issues with his throat which have resulted in his second album being pushed back to after Christmas, there seems to be an unaffected fanbase though as the track leaps 20-9 (40,000)


A US chart topper last month, former The babys vocalist John Waite now has a UK hit on his hands with “Missing You” which climbs here 16-10 (36,000). His former group had only one hit over here “Isn’t It Time” which peaked at the giddy heights of No 45 though it was a top 20 smash over the pond.

In other top 10 news it’s happy days for Paul McCartney who surges 6-4 (63,000) as he pursues his second chart topper of 1984, and Phil Oakey & Girogio Moroder who chase him 9-5 (58,000). Not so good tidings for Culture Club who fall back 2-3 (72,000), The Cars who ebb 5-6 (53,000) and Ray Parker Jr who delves 4-8 (42,000)
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Style Council with something to shout about at No 7

In destructive mood- Paul Young at No 9

Waiting at No 10- John Waite.

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W/e 20th Oct 1984 - that's a cracking top ten we've got there - no novelty records at all!

Great to see The Style Council back with the excellent "Shout to the top" and the return of Paul Young and "I'm gonna tear your playhouse down" from my favourite album of his "The Secret of Association"

I love John Waite's "Missing you" - it sounds a bit like The Cars to me…who are still in the Top ten with "Drive"
Still with w/e 20th Oct 1984 and some great singles peaking outside the top ten:

First up are The Stranglers and "Skin Deep" - they made some great singles in the 80's!:

Peaking at number 19 are Sade and "Smooth Operator" - man, have I been seduced by some "Smooth operators" in my time…..*sigh*

Peaking at number 51 are the SOS Band and "Weekend girl" - another great Jam & Lewis production!

Missing You always sounded like a Rod Stewart track to me...he often spoke of how much he liked it and wished he'd had a hit with it himself, finally recording it in the 00s on some covers album or other. It sounds exactly like you'd expect, which is no bad thing.

I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down felt like an unholy mess at the time, it wasn't my favourite PY single (though I too loved that 2nd album). These days, though, I think it's fantastic. Laurie Latham's kitchen sink production would later grace the comeback Squeeze album Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti in 1985 (Last Time Forever et al), and the The Christians' debut set in 1987.


Wham! Show little sign of relaxing the pace with only a slight decline to 107,000 to remain at the No 1 spot this week. In the US the band climb to No 6 with “Wake Me Up” which becomes their first top 10 hit over there, an important milestone for the group who profess they want to be as big as Culture Club and Duran Duran who have of course both reached No 1 there this year.


(please note the video was compiled for the US release in August 1985 so wasn't available at the time but it is now the official video)

chaka_khan_I_feel_for_you_dance_mix_1984_the80sman  .jpg

Written by Prince originally as a demo for Patrice Rushen, “I Feel For You” was then recorded by the man himself on his 1979 self- titled debut before being covered by Pointer Sisters back in 1982. It’s back now in a version by Chaka Khan who has seen something of a revival this year after “Ain’t Nobody” became a top 10 hit earlier in 1984, she has some pretty impressive help on the track with a harmonica part courtesy of Stevie Wonder and a rap performed by Melle Mel, the video boasts dancers from the movie “Breakin” which of course helped to make a hit of “Ain’t Nobody”. The track bounds 22-5 (57,000) to become her biggest UK hit to date.


The debut solo album is just 3 weeks away but at least now Moyet can boast of two top 10 singles from her first two singles with “All Cried Out” soaring 12-8 (41,000). It is co-written by Jolley & Swain who don’t seem to have lost the magic touch though the recent Bananarama record could only make No 23.

Paul McCartney is the runner up this week moving 4-2 (79,000) but his concentration will doubtless be on the film “Give My Regards to Broad Street” which is out this week along with the soundtrack which goes head to head with the third Culture Club album “Waking Up With The House On Fire”, their single “The War Song” slips 3-6 (55,000). Chasing McCartney hard Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder move 5-3 (71,000) and John Waite shimmies 10-9 (39,000).

Moving in reverse are Stevie Wonder 2-4 (62,000) who features on two tracks in the top 5 and now has the third best selling single of the 80s as “I Just Called To Say I Love You” overtakes “Karma Chameleon”. Also dropping are The Cars 6-7 (47,000) and Style Council 7-10 (34,000).

Drying up- Alison Moyet- No 8

Top 10 in pics


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It’s clearly on its last legs but Wham! Continue to reign supreme on the singles chart for a third week with “Freedom” which posts a sale of 83,000 to bring its first month’s sales to 385,000, not a bad tally and should put the track on course for the Y/E top 10.

(clip includes the top 10 rundown)

Paul McCartney has had a mixed week, his film has been largely slated by the critics and “No More Lonely Nights” dips 2-3 (68,000), he does however have the No 1 album as he beats Culture Club to the top slot in something of a shock outcome given the year that Culture Club have had. The album doubtless detracted sales from the single which allows Chaka Khan’s “I Feel For You” to move past it 5-2 (72,000) to become the highest charting Prince composition, he’s had quite a remarkable year- could it be topped off with a No 1?


Whether it will or not will in part depend on the fast fading Wham! and a new Duran Duran song who debut with a bang as a new entry at No 5. The song arrives with a supposed million dollars video directed by Russell Mulcahy who portrays a futuristic “Mad max” esque world as a prelude to a proposed attempt to dramatise the William Burroughs book “The Wild Boys: A Book Of The Dead” by Mulcahy and for which he approached the band to make a record for. You’ll doubtless have read about Le Bon’s “near death” experiences in filming the promo which have helped to promote the track which will feature of the band’s forthcoming live album “Arena” due next month. It comes with a possible six sleeves (one for each member and a group sleeve) just to ensure fans snap them all up, it debuts this week on a sale of 52,000 and looks set fair for No 1 next week.


Having John Lennon as your father can only help your career as his son Julian is finding out. His debut single “Too Late For Goodbyes” jumps 12-6 (51,000) this week as his debut album “Valotte” is a new entry at No 20, he is of course the inspiration for several songs by the Beatles most notably “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” and “Hey Jude”, and just to make sure that he has a hit on his hands he gets Phil Ramone in to produce the track.


Want a Status Quo album for Christmas? Then have no fear, a new greatest hits compilation “12 Gold Bars Volume II” will be released in a month and feature all their singles from 1980 to present, that will now include their version of “The Wanderer” which was a hit for Dion in 1962 when it peaked at No 10. The Quo’s version is a bigger hit as it flies 23-7 (47,000) and comes at something of a crossroads for the band who claim they have will never tour again and the future of guitarist and founding member Alan Lancaster unknown.

Not much else to cheer I’m afraid with only Alison Moyet managing to maintain their position from last week at No 8 (46,000). Heading down are Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder 3-4 (63,000), Stevie Wonder 4-9 (41,000) and John Waite 9-10 (35,000)

Wild Boys are back- Duran Duran NEW at No 5

Not too late for Lennon to be in the top 10- Julian Lennon at No 6

You can't keep them down-Status Quo at No 7

Top 10 in pics


W/e 27th October 1984 - another great top ten without a novelty record in sight!

Chaka Khan's "I feel for you" is such an amazing single. Back then I had heard Prince's original version but the production on Chaka Khan's was streets ahead - all down to Arif martin!
Still with W/e 27th October 1984 and some singles peaking outside the top ten:

At number 15 are Spandau Ballet and "highly Strung"

Peaking at number 17 is Meat Loaf and one of his better singles imho "Modern Girl":

Peaking at number 29 and going for it is Kim Wilde and "The second time":

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