80s Top 10 Sales- Week By Week- 1984-1985

w/e 17th November 1984 and peaking outside the top ten at number 16 are the "God bothering" Depeche Mode and "Blasphemous Rumours"

Peaking at number 18 is Eugene Wilde and "Gotta get you home tonight":

Peaking at number 23 are Heaven 17 and "This is mine" - such a shame this one wasn't a bigger hit!


CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN- Frank Kelly. As an outside bet try this one. A well known Irish actor who appears in the TV show “Wanderly Wagon” is the voice here, it’s a take on “12 Days Of Christmas” and was a top 10 hit in Ireland two Christmas’s ago.

This reached #54.
It had also been released in the UK for Christmas 1983 and reached #26 and he made a TOTP appearance.

Frank Kelly played Father Jack in Father Ted.
Still with w/e 17th November 1984 - and peaking at number 49 are ABC and "How to be a millionaire"

Still with w/e 17th November 1984: How did this next song only get to number 65 in the charts?????

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions and "Rattlesnakes"

Peaking at number 68 are Scritti Politti and the excellent "Hypnotise" - this should have made the top 40 at least!!

Most of these flopping singles, I bought on 7" or 12"...and was promptly shocked when they failed to scale the expected heights...Depeche Mode were on a run of back-to-back Top 10 hits, Heaven 17 maybe weren't expected to do so well after Sunset Now bombed out at #24 but This Is Mine was a killer track. Scritti was the biggest surprise for me, a brand-new track to follow two Top 20 hits...in retrospect it was too slight a tune, and the wrong time of year to put it out. Jan/Feb 1985 could have seen a very different story.


Christmas is fast approaching but you wouldn’t know it from the charts, Chaka Khan tops the singles chart for a third week but her sales are now in decline with just 77,000 buyers being tempted. The song has now sold 394,000 copies and should clear half a million before the year end so not a bad result all in all, and she easily fought off the challenge from Jim Diamond who threatens 3-2 (65,000) with a TOTP appearance doing rather little to help him sales wise.



Nik Kershaw’s second album “The Riddle” is released this week and the title track has bounded 17-5 (48,000) to become a third top 5 hit for the singer this year. Much speculation has been done by fans on what exactly the lyrics mean and Kershaw is currently refusing to expand on the interpretation, the track is his most instant hit debuting higher than any other of his releases but the desire to push the album out before Christmas, whilst understandable, might harm the singles chances. We’ll wait and see.


6 straight top 10 in a row, not a bad record in any band’s discography and that’s the boast that the Eurythmics can now make. Approached by Virgin to record the soundtrack to the film “1984”, an interpretation of the George Orwell classic novel, Eurythmics have produced the goods with lead single “Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)” which hurtles 24-7 (45,000) this week. The film is the subject of some controversy with director Michael Radford not keen on the tracks provided by the duo he has done a separate soundtrack, the film is available in two versions, a decision which has caused some rancor between the group and the director as they were unaware of Radford’s thoughts on their output. It seems the charts have vindicated Annie and Dave though.

chicago_along_comes_a_woman_dance_mix_1984_the80sm  an-e1363288410535.png

Chicago are already up to their 14th studio album, for all that and despite a UK No 1 single back in 1976 with “If You Leave Me Now”, they’ve only hit the singles chart on five previous occasions, yet on four of those they went all the way to the top 10. So it proves again with “Hard Habit To Break” which arrives 11-8 (42,000) to become a first hit in over 24 months.

Limahl continues to inch closer to the top three as he glides 5-4 (50,000) as Billy Ocean finds himself stuck at No 6 (48,000). Heading out of the top 10 include Duran Duran 2-3 (57,000), Wham! 4-9 (41,000) and Status Quo 7-10 (38,000)

Next week sees the new Frankie single enter the charts- UK’s next No 1 seem assured……

Causing confusion- Nik Kershaw at No 5

Criminal they've been away for so long- Eurythmics at No 7

Not exactly a habit- Chicago back in the top 10- No 8

Top 10 in pics


W/e 24th November 1984 - great to see Chaka Khan's "I feel for you" at number one now for three weeks.

Welcome back to the top ten for Nik Kershaw with "The Riddle" this time - so what was the song all about then?
Peaking at number 11 are The Pointer Sisters and "I'm so excited"

Peaking at number 12 are The Temptations and "Treat her like a lady":

Peaking at number 39 and finally getting their first taste of UK chart action are Huey Lewis and the News with "If this is it" - the video is soooooo 1984!: