80s Top 10 Sales- Week By Week- 1984-1985



The top slot changes hands this week as nothing could prevent Elaine Paige & Barbara Dickson from ascending 2-1 on a strong sale of 106,000 despite no TOTP exposure such is its current appeal to the public. Though female duo’s have topped the singles chart before (Baccara among others) it’s the first time that two female solo acts have combined to score a chart topper, it’s also a tenth chart topper for Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus and a second for Tim Rice after “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”.


UK dance music continues to innovate and evolve with the second Art Of Noise single “Close To The Edit” which improves vastly on the No 82 peak of their debut “Beat Box” last year. Their current single actually started life as a remix of their first which has now taken on a new life and rushes 21-10 (36,000) but it’s already in its 12th week being another one of those tracks which was left out in the cold in the festive rush moving 62-41-45-44-45-46-46-43-38-30-21 so far. The group contains Paul Morley and Trevor Horn which helps to explain why the act are on the ZTT label and sample Yes on the track which of course Horn produced.

A good few climbers within the top 10 to discuss, King float 4-2 (89,000) and could yet pose a threat to Paige/ Dickson and Ashford & Simpson drift north 6-4 (83,000) with their sights on the runner up spot next week at least. Bruce Springsteen still has a spring in his step 10-6 (47,000), he’s followed by Russ Abbot 8-7 (46,000) getting the last laugh on his detractors.

Foreigner relent 1-3 (87,000) and Prince ebbs 3-5 (77,000), Tears For Fears are finally on their way out 5-8 (44,000) with Strawberry Switchblade 7-9 (40,000) completing the set.
Another great top ten …and there's some top tunes peaking outside the top ten this week.

Stuck at number 11 is Bryan Adams and "Run to you" - this got stuck at number 11 for four weeks:

Stuck at number 12 is Phil Collins and his version of "1999"…er, I meant "Sussudio" as "1999" is at number 5 this week with "Little red corvette"
"Sussudio" peaked at number 12 for two weeks in the UK but in the USA it was a chart topper. His "No Jacket Required" album is my favourite of his!



“I Know Him So Well” is unmoveable at No 1 as it soars to a sale of 136,000, easily a new 1985 high! The song is the second top 20 single from the “Chess” album after Murray Head’s “One Night In Bangkok” which peaked at No 12 at the end of 1984 and re-enters the chart at No 74 this week, that song has sold roughly 250,000 compared to the 435,000 that “I Know Him So Well” has shifted so far.

Three re-issues that can be very happy with their performance now come from King who hold at No 2 on a very healthy sale of 102,000 (though without TOTP it could struggle this week), Bruce Springsteen who jumps 6-4 (61,000) and Prince who slides 5-6 (52,000). King and Bruce Springsteen can also celebrate on the album charts as well as they both climb to No’s 6 and No 1 there to get new peaks respectively!


With his second studio album due next month called “Dream Into Action” Howard Jones returns to the fray with “Things Can Only Get Better”. It’s his fifth top 10 single from six releases, an impressive hit rate from Jones, the song became his highest debuter last week at No 18 and now advances to No 7 (47,000).



Until now Kirsty MacColl’s sole UK chart entry was 1981’s No 14 hit “There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears he’s Elvis” though of course her debut single “They Don’t Know” went on to become a No 2 hit in 1983 for Tracey Ullman. She’s now back with Stiff records after a stint with Polydor and a cover of Billy Bragg’s 1983 track “A New England” for which Bragg has written additional verses to flesh it out, the song rockets 13-10 (33,000).

Ashford & Simpson continue to press on the top 2 but actually lose sales as they move 4-3 (75,000), also climbing are Art Of Noise 10-9 (38,000). Falling this week are Foreigner 3-5 (59,000) and Russ Abbot 7-8 (42,000)
A great top ten with two great new entries:
Howard Jones - Things can only get better - this is my all time favourite Ho Jo song - it's so positive and upbeat and I just love the chorus: Woah woah woah woah…..Is that Carol Wheeler on backing vocals?

Kirsty MacColl - A new England. I prefer this version to Billy Bragg's original. The lyrics are really good as well.

Number 11 and 12 are great too - Bryan Adams and Phil Collins respectively have been stuck there for two weeks...
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Peaking at number 14 this week is "This is not America" by David Bowie and Pat Metheny. From the film "The Snowman and the Falcon" starring a very young Sean Penn - well worth seeing.

Finally peaking at number 15 this week is Billy Ocean and the sublime "Loverboy"
This is a CLASSIC 80's song and video - check out the alien with a TV - and ariel intact - for a head!

Peaking at number 34 is someone who's being listening to too many Shalamar records (which is no bad thing!):

Eugene Wilde and "Personality"

Ah, this is where 1985 really kicks in for me....dark wintery days and evenings spent listening to R1 and poring over Record Mirror charts.

Yah Mo B There, This Is Not America, Run To You, This Is My Night, 20/20 by George Benson, and then yet another new HoJo single just weeks after the 12" Album mopped up the previous campaign. It obviously shot to #1 on my own Top 40, but the album would prove a huge letdown for me. It was completely eclipsed by Tears For Fears, Paul Young, Foreigner and Go West. I didn't even buy a copy for years.
Oh yes, No Jacket Required too...a flawless album. And another I didn't buy until years later!

So many seminal albums from early 1985. Too bad HoJo wasn't among them, and who would have predicted that a year before?