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Shamelessly addicted to this show now, not one ugly person in the bunch! And Annalynne McCord (probably spelt horrendously) is actually a pretty good actress and it was amazing to see her beating the shit out of Mr Cannon.

Edit: SO HAPPY right now at this whole Emily thing.
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(UK pace here) Adrianna's tranformation into a diva popstar has given the show a burst of fun, plus I love hearing Jessica Lowndes sing. She'd better put out some music at some point!

Overall, I think this season's been pretty strong so far. Most of the storylines have been entertaining and exciting enough.
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Best teen drama out! I can't wait for the season finale, I mean just look how far it's come since the shitty first season. Amazing.
I have never really found it to be particularly good television, but I continue to watch (mostly for Jessica Stroup and Jessica Lowndes, two wonderful actresses that deserve better than this show is giving them - truthfully, they've been the only two consistent actors on the entire show). Which is why I'm enjoying their semi-rivarly this season.

I do like the show, and it certainly has improved. But, the vast majority of teen shows seem to nosedive in quality after high school, and well...I'm not sure how that will work on this show.

I miss old-school Silver as well (she is by far my favourite character on the show, even though I prefered her in season one). Loved her crazy little blog and general attitude in the first season (that season was hard to watch - really, Silver and Jessica Walter were amazing, and Adrianna grew into an interesting character about midway through but the rest of the cast were a little...meh, and most of them continue to be).

Remember that storyline when Ethan ran over some girl, Annie got all whiny and used her tragic backstory to get ahead in acting class? That was insanely bad. Eh, it's no Gossip Girl.
This season has been very consistent and I'm thoroughly enjoying each episode. I do wonder how they will pull off the next season. New characters? College?
The finale was amazing for pulling out every soap cliche in the book.

A dead character returning to spook someone into near suicide? Check.

A blood test that leads to discovering a pregnancy? Check.

A last minute wedding arrival before the bride walks down the aisle? Check.

A character is last seen on a boat? Check.

What more could you ask for?
Along with Glee, its my fave show, gonna be watching the finale this weekend and then the long wait until season 3! The college years, wonder how they will do that!
So until last week I had never watched even a second of 90210, and I just watched the third season in a massive marathon and absolutely loved it! It really fills the void since Gossip Girl went terrible after season 2 and was much more than I expected.

The only thing is, I really wish Adrianna had jumped off the cliff-face. I actually can't stand her, all season she had just been an awful person and now she's vowed to make things up? As if. I don't even understand why she is a regular cast member when her only interaction with the others is to be an absolute idiot. In the real world she would never earn forgiveness for swapping someone's pills and causing Silver to have a breakdown. If that happens next season I'll go mental (RESOLVE THAT, ADRIANNA). I was willing her to dramatically plunge in front of all her friends. I loved her hallucinating though, I hope that continues.

As for Naomi being pregnant, do you guys reckon she is lying? Because at Ivy's wedding she told Annie that she'd do/say 'anything' to get Max back - I sense scheming! Also, what happened to Oscar? At least with other recurring characters - Emily, for example - they showed them departing. But with Oscar you just have Naomi going KK NOT INTERESTED BAI before the mid-season break and Canon-gate.

Annie is fit too.

There seems to be some negative comments about the first 2 seasons, should I bother watching them?
The second series is much better than the first. The Annie/Liam dynamic keeps it going and they've got great chemistry together. Plus you've also got Jasper the nutter who loves foreign films and being arty. Hah!
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Oh Kirkland, you closet trash TV fan you. I like Liam/Annie - they're probably the best looking couple on TV.
The thing is I don't really watch TV. I always have on the music channels, but then 4Music suddenly started playing Veronica Mars - a favourite of mine - which then led onto other TV shows. Blame Channel 4!
I'm not even bothered that they ruined Adrianna, her previous behaviour wasn't exactly stellar anyway (stealing, etc., although tricking and causing Silver to have a break down was a step too far, but it was also one of the few storylines that entertained me this season). Really, Jessica Lowndes and Jessica Stroup are the only actors on the show that continually rock their material. IMO. I kind of miss season two, the death in Silver's family was handled well (for this show, and Stroup was wonderful), and Adrianna/Gia was actually pretty well done.

Gillian Zinser has really stepped up, and Ivy is no longer the annoying brat she used to be (seriously, the whole Liam situation last year made Ivy look incredibly whiny and childish). AnnaLynne McCord has really improved since the beginning of the show, and handles comedy really well. Shenae Grimes has never really impressed me though (although, I have heard she was great on Degrassi). Annie always seem irritated, and her facial expressions are a little...twitch-y.

The male cast members don't do anything for me. They're not horrible or anything, but they don't stand out at all. IMO.
Shenae Grimes was outstanding on Degrassi, her character Darcy was raped and she had a lot of great storylines.

I also think Tristan Wilds is a great actor and I think he's one of the standout male characters on 90210. Watch his performances on the series called "The Wire" and you'll be convinced!