By the Season 3 finale my favourite characters were:

- Annie (after hating her all Season 2, she definitely came back!)
- Teddy
- Naomi (it really was her season, she was epic!)
- Silver
- Ivy
- Dixon
Thing is, almost the entire cast looks bored out of their minds to be on the show. Not quite as bad as Blake Lively on Gossip Girl, but I'm not sure a fourth season is really in anyone's best interest, most of all the audience.
This news is devastating to me as I am in love with Teddy. Along with Liam, he is the only reason I got in to this show this season. But I'm glad I stuck with it because it was a great season and I loved nearly every episode, and Naomi.
I'm catching up with this on T4. I haven't seen anything before season 3, but right now it's my weekday evening guilty pleasure.

Though I'm really only watching it for the Teddy storyline, and some of the other stories and 'problems' the characters have are ridiculous, I'm enjoying it more than I thought.
Brandy is joining 90210 next season. I'm so excited!


Brandy will be joining "90210" this season in a major way. She will be playing Marissa Jackson-Lewis, a young politician who hires Silver (Jessica Stroup) to help her make a video to reach out to young voters as she runs for Congress.

According to TVLine, she will be running against Teddy's (Trevor Donovan) conservative uncle in the race. This could shake things up for Teddy and Silver's friendship, and we are excited to see how it all unfolds.
I am in love with 90210. Why people take crack when they could just watch 90210 is really, really beyond me.

Annie is my least favourite character, and the actress who plays her annoys me too. I prefer Naomi a lot more than I used to, as someone else said, she's great for comedy. Ivy still annoys me a bit, and I'm gutted Teddy's leaving.
The promo for this season shows Naomi in a lot of bikini shots... so is this baby just not happening?

I worship Silver.
I don't think Oscar was up to the 90210 "good looking" standard.

Remember that guy Naomi dated from college? The blonde guy? So fucking hot.
So I just watched the season 4 premiere and the first 2-3 minutes were such a mindfuck. Naomi pregnant > turns out to be false alarm > editing suggests this is a dream > Naomi confirms it was her remembering what happened. It all happened so quickly but I'm glad they wrapped that up in true 90210 style.

Not too sure about the other plot-lines they're introducing. Navid's sister/cousin/whatever is so bloody annoying.

The bit where Naomi chucked the weed on the bonfire was hilarious though.
Ahh i would of totally forgot this was back if i hadn't seen it on here!
Glorious return as expected, however the marriage proposal was beyond cringy
and ridiculous, although nothing that happens in this show is remotely realistic anyway.
I stayed up to watch the premiere when it was shown in America cos I was looking forward to it. Within the first minute I was hating it. How they can end the season on an amazing cliffhanger then just destroy it in the opening seconds of the season was a bit of a fuck you to the viewers. The rest of the episode was a mess. I know there's a lot to set up but it was just a bit shit. And Naomi seems to have aged a hell of a lot in a few months.
Thoughts on the second episode:
- Can someone get rid of Navid's sister/cousin/whogivesashit - why did he give that tattoo guy the money?!!?!
- If this is a Dixon developing a drug problem storyline I see before me, get rid of that too
- Naomi flying over the field in a panther costume was hilaaaaarious
- No-one cares about Liam's friend's widow

So yeah... pretty patchy.
The only good story line so far is Naomi vs. her new rival. I love over the top bitch Naomi, she made season 1 incredible!

Navid's sister is a ridiculous plot and I hope she is killed by the tattoo artist or something.

Bring back drama-Adrianna and give Annie more than this whole "nice girl" thing. Losing interest... Glee style.
Why does Naomi look SO much older in the space of a few months? Navid's sister is the worst thing to happen to TV ever. When she got "kidnapped" I was willing them to kill her. Other than that, this season is fucking dreadful.