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90's Dance Classics Thread v2.0

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Adem, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Legit one of my most favourite songs OF ALL TIME!
    One In A Million and Do For You are also BOPS!
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  2. Any love for this porno-rave-kitsch saga?

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  3. I'm pretty sure BBE must have ripped off this remix of Anticappella's "Express Your Freedom" when they made "Desire".

  4. I don't remember if I've posted this already...

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  5. I still don't know what she sings in half of those verses 20 years later!
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  6. #83 smash Mary's Prayer popped up on my Facebook feed:

    Was it actually a hit anywhere? I only know it thanks to sites like audiogalaxy and napster throwing up wrong results during a routine Alexia search.
  7. Never knew this had a video! I don't even know where I got it from but this has randomly become one of the most played songs on my iPod.
  8. I loved this when it came out. Such a great back catalogue Alexia has.
  9. Now 41 brought this back to my attention.

    This one was better though

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  10. Heh. If You Buy... came on at the gym last week. Made me smile.

    Hammer to the Heart was awesome too.
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  11. Maya was an amazing popstar. Even if she didn't sing the first song. She had attitude and also seemed a bit bat shit crazy. Shame she gave it all up early.
  12. At the time I thought that this Maya was the same Mya of Ghetto Supastar fame.
  13. Did she not sing Feel It?! The singer sounds identical to me on all The Tamperer tracks.
  14. She so was - I saw them at a Pride party somewhere and she came on dressed as Dorothy being blown about by the wind, then dancers came on and ripped the clothes off to reveal a sexy little number beneath as Feel It kicked in. So amazing.
  15. I can remember her being Dorothy on TOTP for Feel It then just kicking her Toto cuddly toy into the audience.

    As for the original vocalist, the song was called Drop A House by Heather Lee West (under the name SHE). I’m confused as to whether her vocals were slapped on the tampered version or if Maya did actually sing it. I’m sure I read Heather sounding off that it wasn’t her on that song but Wikipedia states otherwise?
  16. Apparently anything could be turned into a dance record in the 90's, even a Hebrew chant featured in a movie about a Jewish kid living in a Nazi concetration camp.

  17. Maya being BFFs with Madge for about 3 seconds, her obnoxious confidence on TotP lip syncing for her life and then the greatest stunt record Tracy Shaw would have pushed her mum in a shopping trolley off a cliff for, which would be Buy This of course, all adds up to just one thing (aoow): LEGEND.
  18. Wiki says this
    After nearly a decade of being uncredited by name on the Urban Discharge recording, and later wrongfully credited as the lead vocalist on the "Feel It" single (in this case, Maya from The Tamperer was the actual singer),
  19. Yes but I am sure I read somewhere else where Heather Lee West said that it was her vocals on the track. I haven't actually heard the original track.
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