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90's Dance Classics Thread v2.0

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Adem, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Giovanna "Jenny B." Bersola - queen of singing 90's dance hits lipsynched by other women

    lipsynched by Olga Souza

    lipsynched by Marion

    lipsynched by Marta Simlat
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  2. Classify this one
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  3. It's funny that it's only obvious that Corona's follow-ups were a completely different singer when you know.

    Also the fact that Sandy who sang them, was also the vocalist on Jinny's Wanna Be With U, which I absolutely loved, and still didn't even notice that they were clearly the same voice.
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  4. Yes, I remember back in the day going like "Wait, isn't that the singer from Corona?" when I heard other tunes sung by Sandy Chambers like this one...

    ...or even in this one in her own name

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  5. I did always wonder if this person matched the voice.

  6. Italian acts seemed to have done this for many many years, and I have never read about others, bar Milli Vanilli. For example Den Harrow, Valerie Dore. Are there any other non-Italian acts like that?
  7. Real McCoy's Another Night album, which is ironic
    Maxx's Get-A-Way wasn't sung by the woman in the video or the one who did the promotion. The later hits were.
  8. I think with acts where there's multiple vocals it's a bit easier to get lost but one-member acts (at least, there is only one member visible) are more eye-catching.
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  9. I just bought a 30 track Farley & Heller compilation of remixes and some of their own stuff from iTunes ... Been a good listen so far and st £5.99 a bit of a bargain ...

    More remixers should do this kind of thing, even if it's just mainly random non hits ...
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  10. More remixers should definitely do this! (feel free to point out others that have)

    Any real highlights from that Farley and Heller comp Vive?
  11. boppppppppppp
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  12. The piano solo of U2's New Year's Day is a gift that kept on giving

  13. I could always tell Baby Baby and Try Me Out were a different vocalist. It's a totally different voice to me and Rhythm of the Night sounds like a non-native English speaker whereas the others sound like an American. I remember Baby Baby coming out and yet it still being the same woman fronting them and thinking "er, that's a totally different voice to last time"!
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  14. Ah well maybe I'm just dumb then. Though to be fair I was only 9 at the time. And I *did* notice how weird it was when Real McCoy suddenly added a second girl. They performed Love And Devotion on TOTP - both Patsy and Vanessa were miming along, even though it was obvious that it was only one woman's voice on the record.
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  15. And all this literally months after the Milli Vanilli 'scandal'.
    Which wasn't a scandal just stupid Americans.
  16. No one noticed Big Fun is essentially just one guy 'singing' with the other two mouthing along.
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  17. Giovanna and Sandy both seemed to be glossed over with Olga's equator-stretching grin, a spinning tornado of legs up to her armpits and dreadlocks taking your eye out if you were too late to duck, doing much to make the package seem so seamless. Olga's own vocals are by and large awful and yet she mimics the style of her ghost vocalist mimicing her charisma rather well. And when in doubt, cackle and spin, cackle and spin Olga!

    The only disappointing Corona clarification is that the lyrics weren't "corr, chills down my spine".

  18. I only discovered this today but surely it's is a 90s dance classic. Surely.
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