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90's Dance Classics Thread v2.0

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Adem, Jun 18, 2006.

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  2. We went to a 90s dance event for a friend's birthday last night that featured Livin' Joy (nicely done, even though she botched her timing), Baby D, Kelly Llorenna ("you sing!" -- crickets, nobody knew Heart of Gold), and Urban Cookie Collective. It was all kinda ropey though - the 'band' insisted on singing medleys of classics rather than just playing them.
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  3. Assume
    It was “Livin Joy fear Luzhanne” rather than “The Ladies of Livin’ Joy”?
  4. That's right. She was the best of the night.
  5. They were probably just stunned to be in the presence of Dame Kelly Llorenna.

    Which songs did Baby D do? I'm assuming Let Me Be Your Fantasy, I Need Your Loving and So Pure?
  6. That's right - just those.
  7. Wow!

    To be fair, I'm pretty sure she wasn't singing over a vocal (unlike some of the other performers) because she missed a cue and came in late and there was no vocal track underneath. And she did come out to a screen that said Livin' Joy feat. Luzhann.

    I think that's the downside to 90s dance acts who had so many interchangeable vocalists who often went uncredited. Would either Janice or Tameka want to do one of these gigs?? Urban Cookie Collective were represented by a white girl singing over the tracks, though a quick Google told me why (R.I.P. Diane)
  8. I've seen Luzhann singing over the top of the record before though and pictures like this suggest they expect most people to assume she is the original singer.


    I know most of the people who attend the gigs don't give a fig, but it just feels off to me. Urban Cookie Collective is even more iffy. Fair enough if you're a band and you lose your original singer and you want to continue working, but there's no reason for these acts to exist.

    I know they're only trying to make a living, but at least, maybe in every performance explain how you're paying tribute to the original artist, somehow make it clear.
  9. What did Luzahnn sing? I was considering going but went to Digbeth Disco Festival instead to see Michael Gray, Mousse T and Dave Lee DJing.
  10. I saw Shalamar recently and the lady who sings instead of Jody Watley did a big speech explaining she wasn't her/trying to be her etc and I felt for her as she's performed with them a long time now and as such I don't feel she has to justify herself. Not sure if I expect many legacy acts with new members to do that. I think there's a notion that Joe Public understands that new members take up the role and most people don't care as long as they do a good job and sing the hits. I saw Sister Sledge who have 1 member of the original line up plus her 3 daughters (and her son on guitar) and it was a slick show so not sure people would be bothered. Some acts you wouldn't dare get in replacements but plenty of them as long as there's a decent show on, you can pretty much have anyone singing.
  11. Isn't Chic these days just Nile Rodgers from the original line up? I don't mind if the singers are changed with the 90s dance acts, but then I would know in advance, being such a fan.

    I'm sure the Urban Cookie Collective singer said at the RVT she'd been with them since 2003! She did a great set and I'd rather she sang Sail Away than nobody ever sing it again.
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  12. See I don't mind that. I think Nile Rodgers has every right to tour as Chic.

    Wet Wet Wet tour without Marti Pellow now, but they're not trying to con anybody.

    Fair enough re Urban Cookie Collective but still think it's a bit cheeky.
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  13. Yeah I was fine with Nile doing the Chic stuff but when he did stuff his acts performed like Let's dance or Notorious it felt a bit flat but again, he wasn't trying to 'be' them.
  14. I think the current East 17 line up is the worst. One member who barely sang originally and 2 nobodies!
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  15. So basically 3 nobodies!
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  16. Just the three biggest hits and one other I wasn't familiar with.
  17. Wish Dee would get So Pure on streaming. Seems her half of the act own rights!
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  18. Dreamer, Don't Stop Movin, Follow The Rules and presumably Where Can I Find Love? Damn wish I had gone.
  19. Wasn't Deep in you a single as well?
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