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90s Forgotten Gems

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBenII, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. I know we've got threads for 90s dance and late 90s/early 00s bops, but what about everything else?

    Zoe followed up the massive "Sunshine On A Rainy Day" in 1991 with "Lightning", but it only got to #37 for some reason. Deserved to do much better!

    Universal were a boyband from Australia who had a top 20 hit in 1997 with the poptastic "Rock Me Good", but it was instantly forgotten. Except by me.

    One of my favourite love songs of the decade, a #14 hit by Conner Reeves "Earthbound".

    What are your faves that at least made the top 40 but now never get an airing?

    "By the way", if you like this sort of nonsense, check out my podcast Back 2 The 90s!

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  2. Does this count? I think it's vastly superior to sunshine.

    Also @ohnoitisnathan video too
  3. Basically I should just go through the playlist from @ohnoitisnathan .

    The extended mix was brilliant but you only ever see son of a gun or there's nothing I won't do on any playlists.
  4. Both massive tunes!
  5. Loving the Back to the 90s shows - always something new that I’ve never heard before.

    But then I get sad at how much they eis that’s not on Spotify etc and my pop activism list gets a little longer...
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  6. Big in europe but never crossed over into the UK like some of their contempories (2 unlimited, cappella, maxx)

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  7. A late addition to the ROMO party, Belvedere Kane were fronted by Barry Stone who would become half of the Jewels and Stone writing and production duo. Never Felt As Good is the closing track on Telstar's The Best Of Dance '96; a devastatingly brilliant slice of doomed romantic modernism. Sadly it failed to trouble the top 75 and has never been compiled elsewhere.

  8. Reminds me of the pet shop boys in places. Particularly this. I like it.

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  9. I used to love media records in the 90s. Some great tunes that never really troubled the charts. (I'm a fan of eurodance in case you hadn't guessed.)

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  10. I bought "Only With You" on 7" vinyl in a charity shop today. I'm so cool.
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  11. Probably not really a forgotten gem because hardly anyone knew it in the first place.

    But I'll let you off because I agree, it's a fab song. I will play it on my next show!
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  12. The Primax one is a new one on me, so thanks! I know they did a lot of remixes but didn't realise they'd released anything in their own right. I loved the Media Records stuff as well.
  13. Primax had 2 very distinct radio edits. Thats the more euro one.

    Nicola Roberts stole the beat of the drum from this mix.

  14. Captain Hollywood - I liked a bit of 24/7 back at the turn of the 90s, I meant to keep up with the Captain Hollywood Project but teenage me didn't have the funds or access to good record shops to do so.

    (Although considering there was HMV, our price, the singles at Woolworths, an independent music store and a second hand cassette and vinyl place, it seems like a paradise compared to today's high streets)

  15. We should never forget this gem!!!
  16. I don’t think it’s forgotten but Christmas Coco Jamboo is
    I don’t think it’s forgotten but Christmas Coco Jamboo is
  17. Ha ha. When I started uploading to YouTube, the loose concept of my channels was to upload videos that were a bit more obscure/forgotten/flops.
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  18. Grrr that uploader 'stole' "my" video, and bumped it from the search results.

    Of course, I don't own the video... but I did buy a VHS compilation it was on primarily for the purpose of uploading it to YouTube, as it wasn't there... and they nicked it a day or two after. YouTube's crappy search algorithms are also to blame...
  19. I thought it was odd I couldn't find yours. Wondered if you'd lost a channel. What a dumbass reply too!

    jezzyby474 It's still there, i just checked. Sorry about that. I've topped and tailed this version so anyone looking in the sidebar will see yours as being a few seconds longer and will watch yours thinking mine's a chopped version and i didn't quite catch it all. I could have added a few seconds extra to make mine longer than yours, by putting in titles etc, but i decided not to.
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