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90s Top 10 Sales- Week By Week- 1990-1991

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  1. Yes moving forward ties were allowed in the charts though in fact it rarely occurred and never in the top 10
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  2. Yes, the story goes that ALW met Pete Waterman at an awards ceremony, and PW took issue with ALW's none too kind words in the press over the period of the last few words and boasted that ALW "couldn't make a No 1 record". Bombalurina was allegedly his response.
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  3. Oh yes that was it!

    Roxette and Salt N Pepa did it in late 91 at #22 I think?

    It happened another time around that time aswell (again lower down the chart) but the acts affected escape me….
  4. Jan 9th 1993- two #19's. Interestingly the rules seemed to have been re-written at some point since.

    W/E 24/09/05 Alan Jones Stated "It's very rare for two singles ranked so high in the chart to have identical sales. The tie-breaker used to be that the record making the biggest gain (or smallest fall) in sales week-on-week would be ranked higher, which, were it still in operation, would actually mean Powter being number four instead of Mylo. I have to admit I'm not sure what determines the ranking these days - probably fractional sales, which I'll explain next week if necessary - but it certainly worked against Powter."- both had sales of 17.257.

    Quite what "fractional Sales" are was never quite explained but some uplifting was clearly still being applied as the whole market wasn't in the sample yet (I think it was about 99%). Same thing happens now with Streaming data but that's another argument and thankfully doesn't exist in 1990....
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  5. I don't know why, because I really shouldn't, but I have always absolutely adored this song. Such a shamed it stalled at the lower reaches of the top 20.


    After last week’s controversy saw Deee-lite’s record company go public about the debate over “rounded sales” it should be noted that record companies are only provided with the rounded up panel sales and not the broken down figures as this is, usually, unnecessary, but this week there is no doubt that Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker” is No 1 by a 26% margin- 64,000 to 51,000 though both show sales increases thanks to the publicity.


    Indeed running in second place in initial sales flashes the new Iron Maiden single “Holy Smoke” becomes their 5th straight top 10 single and highest debuting of their long career, it also immediately equals their highest position they achieved with “Can I Play With Madness” two years ago. Bruce Dickinson has of course been releasing his solo work “Tattooed Millionaire” this year as the group was on hiatus last year, but he’s rejoined the band now as the group seem to have utilised the trick of motivating their fans to buy their singles in the first week, 47,000 of them in fact, we’ll see if they have anything left in the tank next week.


    Just behind them is former Lone Justice singer Maria McKee, you may remember the name as the writer of Feargul Sharkey’s No 1 “A Good Heart”, she also appeared in the promo for Robbie Robertson’s top 20 single “Somewhere Down The Crazy River” by way of trivia. She now has a top 5 single in her own name with “Show Me Heaven” which is taken from the new Tom Cruise film “Days Of Thunder”, it shoots 26-4 (34,000) this week to provide the real challenge for Steve Miller Band. It’s produced by Peter Asher of Peter & Gordon fame and brother of Jane Asher. and was co-written by McKee herself.

    Deacon Blue drop 4-5 (30,000) as their album debuts at No 3, just below are a falling KLF 5-6 (29,000) and Bombalurina 3-7 (28,000), and it’s all over for Adamski 7-8 (27,000) and Mariah Carey who reverses 9-10 (22,000).


    Taking their name from Cantril Farm in Liverpool where they grew up The Farm are also new comers to the top 10 this week with “Groovy Train”. Up until now their greatest claim to fame was having a single “Hearts & Minds” be produced by Suggs and opening for the Housemartins in 1987, but their time has come after they signed with a major label this year producing the No 58 track “Stepping Stone” a cover of the Monkees track which was never a hit in this country until the Sex Pistols covered it in 1980. “Groovy Train” is once more produced by Suggs and comes with a promo featuring actor Bill Dean better known as Harry Cross in Brookside, it all helps the song move 11-9 (23,000).

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  7. Maria McKee. What a glorious one hit wonder.
  8. She had a Top 40 single in 1993, didn't she?

    *Sounds of straws being clutched*.
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  9. River City People at 40...

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    Maria McKee’s “Show Me Heaven” becomes the 13th chart topper of the 90s this week as it demolished the opposition and moves 4-1 (62,000), it means that McKee becomes the first woman to write a chart topper for herself and another act (Feargul Sharkey) and also keeps the sequence that has seen a record containing the word “Heaven” topping the charts every other year following as it does Wham! (1986) and Belinda Carlisle (1988). It dispensed Steve Miller Band 1-2 (54,000) who can’t complain at getting daily promotion via the Levi advert.


    Previously only really known in the country for their No 19 hit “9 AM (Comfort Zone)” back in 1988, Londonbeat are now back with their second album “In The Blood” due next month, and a new single “I’ve Been Thinking About You” which incidentally has a live version of “9 AM” on the flipside of the 7” and CD. It’s already a hit on the continent making No 1 in Holland a few weeks ago, and looks like it has its sights set on a similar peak here as it rushes 12-4 (34,000). The song was originally demoed back in 1988 but left off the debut album until it became more polished- seems to have worked.


    Snap! are turning rapidly into a consistent hitmaking act as third release “Cult Of Snap!” powers 21-8 (23,000). It’s pretty much all that you would expect from a Snap! hit and helps the parent album “World Power” rise 44-40 though it has still failed to make the top 20 after 19 weeks of being available, it seems that they aren’t entirely convincing buyers to go the whole hog and fork out for an LP.


    UK dance act Bass-O-Matic are the newest name on the scene with the track “Fascinating Rhythm” floating 14-9 (21,000) this week. It contains up and coming remixer William Orbit who also co-wrote Harry Enfield’s “Loadsamoney” a top 5 hit a couple of years ago.

    Fallers this week include Deee-Lite 2-4 (34,000), Iron Maiden 3-5 (32,000), The KLF 6-7 (25,000) and Adamski 8-10 (20,000). The Farm can rejoice however with “Groovy Train” lifting 9-6 (29,000).

    Next week sees a new Pet Shop Boys record, their first in over a year, seven of their last 8 singles debuted in the top 10 with three making No 1, how will “So Hard” fare?

    Top 10 in pics

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  11. One half of DNA, Nick Batt, was pretty much the third member of Goldfrapp for the first 3 albums ... He also looks like the kind of IT guy that keeps a company using old systems because he can’t keep up with technology ...
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  12. #nonemore90s, basically.
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  13. The Charlatans at 12...

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  14. AC/DC at 13...

  15. Megadeth at 24...

  16. Ride at 34...

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