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90s Top 10 Sales- Week By Week- 1990-1991

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. I was sure Can't Forget You made #17?
  2. The Mission are at 27...

  3. Fish peaks at Number 30...

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  4. Wet Wet Wet appear to be dumper bound, peaking at 31...

  5. Another 'How the hell did this only get to Number 38' moment for Kate Bush...

  6. The 4 Kylie 'Rhythm of love' singles were still to come, but yeah, after that...
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  7. A stunning song, as good as anything he did with Marillion in the same style. If this had been a Marillion single in about 1988, it would have been Top 10.
  8. Doh!

    I think I forget Kylie was S/A/W sometimes. She's in a league of her own.
  9. It did make #17 and then dropped to #22 the next week.


    I don't remember it being SUCH a flop.
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  10. Not a vintage era for music was it really? A few classics thrown in with some really dull stuff. Meh.
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  11. My bad- and I allegedly love it!
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  12. 24TH MARCH


    Beats International claim a fourth week at No 1 equalling the longest stint of the year with Sinead O’Connor, saleswise there isn’t much competition with the former selling a total of 387,000 to the latter’s 643,000. “Dub Be Good To Me” sold a miserly 45,000 copies last week in the end just 250 copies in front of the B52’s “Love Shack” which springs 6-2 (44,000) and must be on course for the top spot next week. The expected arrival of Jive Bunny at the top of charts failed to materialise with the track actually losing sales (38,000) though it held the No 4 spot being overtaken by Erasure’s “Blue Savannah” which leaps 8-3 (39,000), that’s Erasure’s third top 3 hit though they’ve yet to make No 1, and for Jive Bunny it looks like the bubble may have burst and that fourth chart topper in a row won’t be happening.


    New Kids On The Block could only debut at No 11 last week with “I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)” but it advances this week to No 5 (33,000) and could yet become their third chart topper enabling them to join Jive Bunny, FGTH, and Gerry & The Pacemakers in the record books. The song topped the US charts back in June last year so is already almost a year old but they can’t currently do anything wrong.


    Already a hit on the Manchester rave scene Candy Flip’s take on the Beatles Classic “Strawberry Fields Forever” achieves national interest as it flies 18-6 (32,000). It features the famous “Funky Drummer” loop which continues to be the sample of choice at present.

    David A Stewart and Candy Dulfer continue to move north 10-7 (28,000) but there are three fallers at the foot of the big 10, Michael Bolton tumbles 3-8 (27,000), Various Artists BRITS melody falls 2-9 (25,000) and Guru Josh proves his time is up dipping 5-10 (23,000).

    Top 10 in pics

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  13. I had no idea at the time that New Kids were releasing their songs in a weird order in the UK and that we were almost a year behind the US which was the reason for the breakneck speed of releases in 1990.

    They had already released Please Don't Go Girl, The Right Stuff, I'll Be Lovin You Forever, Hanging Tough, Cover Girl, Didn't I Blow Your Mind and This One's For The Children in the US by the end of 1989.

    The UK had only had a flop debut release of Hangin Tough and The Right Stuff.

    So in 1990 they had to rush out Hangin Tough (again), I'll Be Lovin You Forever and Cover Girl in just a few months before the Step By Step era started and they still had a couple of old songs to release by the end of 1990. So they charted singles from four different albums all of which went top ten!

    No wonder it appeared like they burned out in the UK within a year.
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  14. It's a shame B-52s didn't make a week at the top at least, seems this would have been their week!
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  15. Primal Scream at 16...

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  16. Is the Stock Aitken Waterman empire beginning to crumble? Big Fun are at 21...

  17. Richard Marx peaks at 38...

  18. Bless them.

    These are the kind of blow-dried hairstyles I lived for back then, before I went for the early 90s floppy hair thing.

    I was never quite in Princess Diana/George Michael territory but I did try.
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  19. Jesus, that was the nadir of the PWL era. Just lazy 'will this do' music and lyrics and a boy band with only one (dreadful) 'voice' yet all three mimed along to it. Luckily Kylie was still doing the biz but 1990 saw things take a drastic downturn otherwise.

    And who was 'buying' Big Fun with the three girls in the video? Laughable!
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  20. I was buying Big Fun.
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